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Prisoner of War Funds WWII

Rushden Echo, 22nd January 1943, transcribed by Kay Collins

War Prisoners—Rushden British Legion Prisoners of War Fund has notified the next of kin of all local war prisoners that they will be pleased to give a donation of £1 towards the cost of the next personal parcel. There are 27 local prisoners of war.

Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th January, 1944, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden To Help War Prisoners - Plan Also Covers Health Centre and Legion

  “Rushden February Campaign” is the simple title chosen for the effort now taking shape in the hands of a town committee.  It will help the Red Cross and St. John Prisoners of War Fund to the extent of 50 per cent. of the proceeds, and it will provide for Rushden a much-needed health treatment clinic.  A third excellent object is to help the Rushden British Legion Benevolent Fund.

  The arrangements were pushed forward at a meeting in the Council Chamber, when Coun. A. F. Weale, J.P. (chairman of the Urban Council), presided, supported by the three secretaries, Coun. W. E. Capon, Mr. T. L. Watts, LL.B., and Mr. B. W. Williams.

  Reports on the possibility of developing the Rushden Cottage Hospital by installing new apparatus and securing expert supervision were of special interest.

  Coun. Capon said that representatives of the campaign committee and other interested parties had met four of the local doctors, who all agreed as to the necessity of some provision being made in Rushden which would obviate the need for many people to go to Northampton Hospital for minor treatments.  Dr. Greenfield and Coun. T. W. Cox then consulted the authorities at Northampton Hospital, and so far as the professional side was concerned no difficulty was anticipated.  A complete list of apparatus required had been compiled, and the cost was estimated at £253.  The next step would be to consult with the Cottage Hospital authorities, whose premises would be quite suitable.

Quite Practical

  Coun. Cox said these proposals would meet the needs of electrical treatment for various types of invalids, and there was no doubt that the apparatus could be accommodated at the Cottage Hospital.

  The Chairman said the meeting with the doctors was very successful, and they agreed it was a practical proposition.

  It was agreed to run the town campaign intensively throughout February and keep the fund open until March 15th.  Detailed arrangements were then made on the lines of the successful Aid to Russia and Aid to China campaigns of 1942 and 1943.  It is hoped to raise large sums by means of four weekly factory collections, appeals to manufacturers and tradesmen, private appeals, a house-to-house and cinema collection, a flag day and, if possible, a concert.

  A general invitation was thrown out for supporting efforts, several of which, it was learned are already being planned.

  Coun. E. A. Sugars took the opportunity to announce that Rushden had raised £4,939 for the Red Cross through the Penny-a-Week Fund (up to the end of November) and £910 through the town fund which was opened early in the war and still remained open.  In addition, he said, many Red Cross gifts had been sent direct to headquarters, but no record of these was available locally.  The grand total, he had no doubt, would be comparable with that of any town in proportion to the population.

Rushden Echo and Argus, 28th January, 1944, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Is Keen To Help Prisoners
February Campaign Has Good Prospects

  The Rushden February campaign – the annual war-time winter effort in aid of specially deserving funds – is about to open with good prospects of success.

  There is nothing new or novel in the programme laid out by the town committee, but this is largely because the previous campaigns in aid of Russia and China were supremely successful in drawing from every possible source of support, and provided a reliable pattern for future use.

  It has been made quite clear that the Red Cross will receive 50 per cent of the proceeds.  This decision has proved popular in the town, because most people were greatly impressed by the tributes which the repatriated war prisoners paid to Red Cross service, and have been anxious to pay their own share towards the well-being of the prisoners still held by the enemy – many Rushden men among them.

Other Funds

  Another portion of the money collected will go into the Rushden British Legion Benevolent Fund, which has to be well prepared for the problems that may arise after the war, and even after the anticipated big battles in Europe.

  The third cause deserving the goodwill of all is the fund which is being created for the purchase of apparatus, electrical and otherwise, which will give the Rushden Cottage Hospital a new useful service and obviate irksome and expensive journeys to Northampton Hospital by local out-patients.

  Though associated with the month of February and opening next Tuesday, the campaign will have to extend into March, and this will give full opportunity to individuals and organisations who, while eager to run their own supporting events, need time to complete their plans.

  Several of these enterprises have already been decided upon, and it is suggested that scarce commodities – eggs and currants for example – could be used as prizes in factory competitions.


  In the general campaign Ald. A. C. Allen and Mr. Charles Baxter will organise the weekly factory collections (four in all) and Mrs. W. Robinson and helpers will carry out a house-to-house collection on Feb. 19 and a flag day on March 11.  Tradesmen’s collectors are being appointed, and appeals will be sent to other residents direct from the committee.

  Mr. A. F. Weale, J.P., Chairman of the R.U.D.C., leads the campaign, and the other officers are Messrs. W. E. Capon, T. L. Watts (general secretaries), B. W. Williams (financial secretary) and A. H. Whitton (treasurer).

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