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Rushden Echo, 9th July 1915
Rose Day
Roses Roses Everywhere
Captivating Maidens Cause Copper Famine at Rushden

Photo by C F Chapman

On Sunday Rose Day was observed at Rushden, a day when, each year, scores of charming ladies put on the daintiest of white dresses and, armed with an enticing smile and & tray of flowers, cajole the blushing male to expend innumerable copper coins. Men are despoiled on every hand by irresistible maidens, and they all think it worth the money.

For it is all for an excellent cause. It is not often one can obtain a share of the glances of Rushden's fairest at so small a sacrifice. Modest men, like ourselves, have a terrible time, while the bold and brilliant men are equally at the mercy of these fair, fluttering fancies in white and pink. We saw one dainty creature plant her sweet self right in the path of a passing motor car. Of course it was the driver who proved the victim.

Mrs. Hugh Sartoris has graced the effort by accepting the presidency, and Mrs. Walter Robinson, with a vast amount of tact and a larger amount of actual labour, has succeeded in organising the effort which is proving so great a financial and social success.

The ladies taking charge of stations, which are prettily decorated, are: Mesdames Robinson (secretary), Brawn, Denton, Woodward, Colson, Haigh, Chambers, Nichols, Miller, Hall, John Claridge, Perkins, Allen, Berry, and Tomlinson. There are nearly 220 pretty assistants working for the cause.

Rushden Echo, 16th July 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Rose Day 1915
A Record Success for a Worthy Object
Nearly £100 Raised for The County Hospital

The third annual rose day arranged by the town of Rushden on behalf of the funds of the County Hospital was held on Saturday and from every point of view was an unqualified success. So early as 5 a.m. fair maidens attired in their prettiest creations, wearing their most attractive smiles, and with the gladdest of glad eyes, sallied forth with their baskets of roses to exercise their wiles and cajoleries upon the susceptibilities of the so called stronger sex.

Be it said that these mere males were decidedly of the weaker variety on Saturday last, inasmuch as they fell willing victims to feminine blandishments and easily yielded to the importunities of the enthusiastic and altogether charming vendors of the emblems of charity.

Twas ever thus, so far as our experience goes, but nevertheless man’s heritage from his earliest progenitor was turned to excellent account on Saturday as incidentally it contributed in no small measure to the success of Saturday’s commendable effort.

It was a happy idea of the organisers to obtain permission for our soldier visitors to wear the roses and the possibilities of increased income from this source were amply realised. Every Tommy in the town was only too pleased and happy to pay a penny for the privilege of having a blossom affixed to his tunic or cap by dainty feminine fingers, and furthermore this year, everyone who contributed had the satisfaction of knowing that his or her contribution, however small, would go some way toward

Alleviating Sufferings

of many who had fought and received wounds in France and Belgium.

Those actively engaged in the sale of roses on Saturday last numbered 213, and valued help was also forthcoming from other quarters. The Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society made an effective window display of the blooms and Mr. Franklin, proprietor of the Royal Theatre, kindly allowed the use of the fore-court of his building as a stand for one of the stalls. There were other stalls outside the Vestry Hall and at Farm-house school.

During the day Mrs. A. H. Sartoris (president) in a prettily decorated car motored round to the various stations, and made personal enquiries as to how things were progressing.

Messrs. Ward and Hall, grocers, High-street, Rushden, kindly allowed the use of their warehouse as headquarters, and here Messrs. H. O. Miller, W. Robinson, A. T. Chambers, A. T. Nichols, and E. C. Brightwell were busily engaged checking the receipts. The officials responsible for an admirably organised effort comprised Mesdames A. H. Sartoris (president), W. Robinson (secretary), W. Tomlinson, G. Denton, W. Woodward, J. Claridge, G. Berry, C. Allen, S. Hall, A. T. Nichols, H. O. Miller, H. Brown, L. Perkins, J. Haigh, T. J. Colson, and A. T. Chambers.

The receipts, which totalled £96/4/7 were a record, being about £30 in advance of last year.

Rushden Argus, 20th July 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rose Day—for the Northampton General Hospital and the wounded soldiers takes place on Saturday, and it is hoped that a record will be made in the takings. Lady helpers are wanted, and the lady heads of the various sections will be glad of offers of assistance. Mrs. Walter Robinson, “Iverleigh,” Grove-road, is again acting as hon. secretary, and she will be pleased to receive donations.

The Argus, 27th July 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rose Day - Rushden’s Pretty Function for the Hospital

Rushden was a bright place on Saturday, because everyone was bedecked with one or more artificial roses. All day long bevies of attractive young ladies were disposing of the flowers to willing customers, and a few were allowed to escape from participating in the annual effort to aid the Northampton general Hospital and the wounded soldiers in the district. Fortunately the weather favoured the event, and, besides attracting out a large portion of the populace, allowed the fair sellers to have unrestricted play, so that by nightfall it was realised that very many emblems had been sold.

During the day Mrs. Sartoris (the president) toured round the main streets in a decorated motor-car. Mr. H. O. Miller and Mr. A. T. Chambers conducted, as usual, the important operation of counting the cash, and were able to announce that the fine total of £66 10s. had been realised. The committee managing the effort, to whom great credit is due, consisted of Mrs. Sartoris (president), Mrs. Walter Robinson (the efficient secretary), and the following: Mesdames J. Claridge, G. Denton, C. Allen, W. Woodward, W. Tomlinson, G. Berry, A. T. Nichols, L. Perkins, S. Hall, I. Haigh, A. T. Chambers, H. O. Miller, J. T. Colson, and H. Brawn.

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