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Training Recruits

Rushden Echo, 3rd October 1914, transcribed by Susan Manton

Training Rushden Recruits
Britain’s Victory over Germany
“More by Starvation than by Fighting”

Mr. Len Garrard, of the 7th Royal Fusiliers, visited his home at Rushden during the past week-end. He is stationed at Dover, where he is kept busy training the new recruits. He says that marching round about Dover is far more trying than he found it in South Africa. The men have to carry practically 96lbs of kit over all sorts of ground and up long, steep hills. But they are all the more able to withstand severe fighting in real warfare when called upon to do so, as they carry little besides the rifle and ammunition.

None of the new recruits, so far as he is aware, have been sent to the front yet, but the reservists and regulars are continually leaving England. He sees little fear of Britain’s success in the end, but is of the opinion that it will come about more by the starvation of the Germans than by fighting them.

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