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Rushden Youth Service Corps

  The Rushden Echo and Argus, 19th December, 1941
Youth Service Corps cyclists
December is not the best of months for cyclists, but these members of the Rushden Youth Service Corps, assembled for a run last weekend, were full of enthusiasm for their new activities.

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 1st August, 1941, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Time for Service — Rushden Youth Corps in Touch With School-Leavers

A well-attended meeting of Rushden boys and girls leaving school this term was held at the Alfred-street School on Monday afternoon. In addition to the speaker, Mr. F. C. Willis, of the County Youth Committee, those present included Councillor T. W. Cox, J.P., president, and Councillor W. E. Capon, chairman of the Rushden Youth Service Corps, Mr. A. Woodhead, H.M.I., and the four Rushden headmasters.

Councillor Capon pointed out to his young audience that they were the future citizens of this country and that their responsibilities would be heavy. He trusted that they would endeavour to fit themselves for their difficult task.

Mr. Willis, in a very interesting speech, indicated how the children of to-day owed a great deal to the efforts of their predecessors. He hoped, and felt sure, that they would be prepared to pay something for their inheritance and not become parasites on the community. They could render service in various ways, the greatest being to ensure that never again should the world sink to its present appalling state.

Thanking Mr. Willis for his address, Councillor Cox concluded the meeting by urging the “leavers” to continue their education after leaving school and to join some local organisation fitting them to be good citizens.

The young people showed their appreciation of the speakers by applause.

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