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Bencroft Grange Farm
Bencroft Farm - where John Cave was born in 1820

Northampton Mercury, 25th November 1815

To Let

A Farm of Land containing about 120 Acres, with a very convenient farm House and Homestead thereon, situate at Bencroft, in the Parish of Rushden, in the County of Northampton.

Also about 25 Acres of Land, adjoining the Wymington Road, in the Town of Rushden aforesaid.

Also, about 30 Acres of Land, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Higham Ferrers to Wellingborough, and on the north Side thereof.

Possession may be had immediately, or at Lady Day next.

For further particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. Allen, of Higham Ferrers.

Northampton Mercury 27th November 1852, transcribed by Susan Manton

Bencroft Grange, Rushden, Northamptonshire.

To be sold by auction by Wm. Smith

Upon the premises at Bencroft Grange, Rushden on Thursday and Friday December 2nd and 3rd 1852 the genuine property of J. Cooke Esq. The Farm lots.

The following valuable and capital Hunter, Hackneys, Cart Horse, Beast, Sheep, Hogs and Poultry. Handsome Town Built Gigs, Whitechapel Cart, Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Horse Clothing and Horse Harness.

Implements of Husbandry, Blacksmith’s tools etc.

Consisting of a capital hunter, seven years old, sound and quiet and good fencer, six year old pony, quiet in harness, four year old filly (by Starling), three year old colt (by Starling), well bred brood mare, six useful active cart horses, five fat heifers, 30 well bred in-lamb Southdown ewes, 60 with lamb. 40 ewe lambs, 20 fat sheep, 10 in-pig sows and yelts, four sows and pigs, about 60 large and small store hogs, 18 months old Lancashire Boar, 22 weeks old Lancashire boar, poultry, six inch wheel wagon, patent arms, double shafts, Scotch and other carts, harness for seven horses, iron ploughs (by Howard, Sanders and Williams Kimbell and Ransome); cast iron roll, Croskill’s reaping machine and clod crusher, iron and other harrows. Bentall’s skimmer and subsoil plough, Finlayson’s scuffler and chaff cutting machine, stitching plough, three horse hoes, Dingle’s patent hand dibbling machine, steer drill, with manure apparatus complete; ridges drill with manure box complete, turnip cutters and slicers (by Gardner and Smith); dressing machine and barley hummeler (by Cooch); Imperial bushels, skips, riddles, sack and hand barrows, wagon ladder, long and short thatching ladders, sheep troughs, iron hog troughs, water cart, scythes, corn and hay drags, draining tools, dung and hand forks, spades, shovels, hoes, spuds, butcher’s cratch, carpenters’ tools, blacksmith’s tools consisting of bellows, anvil, vice, screw tackle, large and small harnesses, pincers, rasps, files and other tools; several 130 gallon rain water vats, four two hogshead sweet ale casks, two pipes, three hogshead barrels, thralls, 10 bushel mash vat, six bushel mash vat, tubs, two working vats, two oval coolers, gathering tubs, hop sieves, funnels, pails, silent brewing thermometer (by Dring and Page), theodolite with triangle complete.

The Household Furniture
Brewing and Dairy Requisites etc.

Consisting of handsome French and American birch bedsteads, tent and servants’ bedsteads, excellent goose feather beds, bolsters and pillows, hair and wool mattress, blankets, counterpanes, quilts, handsome scarlet damask and chintz window curtains, Brussels, superfine Kidderminster and other carpets, hearth rugs, stair carpeting and brass rods, Indian matting, handsome French polished chest of drawers, washing and dressing tables, napkin horses, chairs, night commode, beaufet, swing, dressing and other glasses; large glazed print in maple frame – the Derby Start, 1844; Wedgwood foot pans and chamber earthenware in general, handsome mahogany and birch sofas, mahogany,  American birch and rosewood breakfast, dining, tea, card and other tables; eight valuable rosewood chairs, mahogany, birch and imitation rosewood chairs, handsome mahogany library table, capital mahogany clock, in handsome mahogany case, two excellent double barrel guns, handsome cottage and other fenders, highly polished fireirons, kitchen chairs, tables, China, glass, earthenware, papier mache tea trays and waiters, knives and forks, large and small copper, bell-metal and iron pots, kettles and saucepans, brass, iron and other candlesticks, copper tea kettles, warming pans, coal scoop and kitchen requisites in general, barrel churn and dairy requisites.

Further particulars of which will appear in catalogue which may be had upon the premises; at the Swan Hotel Bedford; Bletsoe Falcon, Hind Inn Wellingborough, George Hotel Kettering, Green Dragon Higham Ferrers and at the Auctioneers White Hart Inn Thrapston.

Refreshments will be provided on the first day’s Sale at ten o’clock and the Sale will commence at Eleven precisely. The sale to commence, the second day, at Ten o’clock.

The above Live Stock, Implements of Husbandry, Household furniture and Brewing and Dairy Requisites, will be found of first class, almost new and in excellent preservation

Bencroft Grange is situate four miles from the Higham Station and midway between Higham and Bletsoe Falcon on the Bedford Road.

Sale 1860 Rushden Lodge + Bencroft

16 March 1867 - Northampton Mercury

Are favoured with instructions from
Nicholas Fisher, Esq., who has Let his Farm,

25 June 1870 - Northampton Mercury

RUSHDEN, Northamptonshire, Two Miles from Irchester Station, on the Midland Railway. 26 ACRES OF VALUABLE ARABLE AND PASTURE LAND, AND TWO NEWLY-ERECTED COTTAGES, Situate in the Parish of Rushden, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION. 
To View the Estate, apply to the respective Tenants; and for further particulars, to Mr. John Dearlove, Bencroft, Rushden, Higham Ferrers; Mr. Samuel Brown, Raunds, Thrapston; the Auctioneer, Thrapston; or at the Offices of Messrs. Burnham & Henry 

1900 Sale - see lots 31-33

Bencroft Grange plan plan showing 5 Bencroft Cottages
Plan showing Bencroft Grange Plot 31
and Bencoft Cottages (next to plot 23).

Plot 24 borders the '40 Foot Lane' to
Sharnbrook, an old drovers way.
Plot 24 is 1500 feet long, 390 wide on the roadside, 25/26/27 are 260 wide and all are marked as 250 feet wide at the other end.
All are between 8 and 10 acres.

Rushden Echo, 25th July 1924, transcribed by Kay Collins

Majority—yesterday a happy little party of friends assembled at Bencroft Grange, Bedford-road, by the invitation of Mr and Mrs Whittemore, to celebrate the coming-of-age the previous day of their daughter, Miss Gwendoline Maud Elizabeth Whittemore. A number of handsome presents were received.

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