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Kay & John Collins 2004

Militia Lists for Rushden
1762, 1771, 1774, 1777 & 1781

Brief Introduction

These lists, of men aged 18 to 45 liable to be called to give service if required in the county Militia, were drawn up by the Constables of each village. The records survive for 1762, 1771, 1774, 1777 and 1781. Most are easily read, but where a man was exempt from liability to serve his name was crossed through and this makes some names almost unreadable. After checking the original documents most have been deciphered but a few remain with a query (?). The constables signed the lists before handing them in but they were not necessarily eligible for service.

An X in the third column denotes that the man was exempt from Militia duty, and the fourth column gives the reason why.                                           

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