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Presentment Books 1693 - 1790

There are three books of presentments. The listings are all the people required to appear
at the Quarter Sessions Court and it was the duty of the village constable to inform them
and make sure that they were there.

Index of Names
Forename Surname Parish
William ABBOTT eld Raunds
Augustin ATKINS Stanwick
John BAKER Raunds
William BALLS Raunds
Francis BAREFOOT Ringstead
Ursula BAREFOOT Ringstead
Francis BARFORD Ringstead
John BASSE Easton Maudit
John BASSE Easton Maudit
Michael BATEMAN Ringstead
Jonathan BAYES Wollaston
Jonathan BAYS Wollaston
Joseph BERWICK Stanwick
--- BITTLES Wollaston
James BOND Irchester
Paul BOUNDY Ringstead
Silvester BROWN Hargrave
Thomas BROWN Raunds
Francis CHALLENOR Wollaston
Samuel CHALTON Wollaston
Christopher CHESELDINE Stanwick
Richard CHETTLE Higham Ferrers
Mary CHURCH Bozeat
William CHURCH Bozeat
James CLARKE Wollaston
John CLARKE Raunds
John COLES Ringstead
Major COLLIS Raunds
Joseph COLSON jun Raunds
Simon COOPER Raunds
John COULSON Raunds
Jonathan COX Wollaston
Oliver COX Ringstead
Oliver COX Ringstead
Olive COX yng Ringstead
Francis DELL Stanwick
--- DEXTER Bozeat
William DRAGE Raunds
William DRAGE Raunds
Simon DRAGE jun Raunds
Simon DRAGE sen Raunds
Katherine DRAPER Higham Ferrers
Richard DUNCKLEY Easton Maudit
Christopher EADON Ringstead
John EKINS Raunds
Robert EKINS Raunds
Robert EKINS Raunds
Robert EKINS Raunds
Robert EKINS Raunds
Samuel EKINS Raunds
Samuel EKINS Raunds
Samuel EKINS Raunds
Samuel EKINS Raunds
Index of Names
Forename Surname Parish
Richard FARRINGTON Higham Ferrers
Thomas FARROW Ringstead
Richard FISH Raunds
Richard FISH Raunds
Robert FLETCHER Ringstead
Henry FLIN Raunds
John FLINTHAM Raunds
Robert FOSCOTT jun Ringstead
Thomas FOSCUT Ringstead
Thomas FOX Irchester
Charles GEARY Ringstead
John GERY Raunds
John GOODE Ringstead
Thomas GOODE Ringstead
Francis GOODWIN Stanwick
John HACKSTAFE Stanwick
Thomas HACKSTAFE Stanwick
William HALE a HALL Raunds
John HALL Raunds
Thomas HALL Raunds
William HALL a HALE Raunds
Robert HARRIS Stanwick
Thomas HASELDINE Raunds
Elizabeth HEWAM Higham Ferrers
John HILLS Raunds
John HILLS Wollaston
Thomas HOLMES Strixton
John HULL Bozeat
Edward IBOOTON Bozeat
John INGRAM Ringstead
Nathaniel JAKES Bozeat
John JAQUES Bozeat
Robert JONES Raunds
Katherine KEEP Stanwick
Thomas KEEP Bozeat
Nicholas KESTON Wollaston
Thomas KNIGHT Raunds
William KNIGHTON Raunds
John LANE Raunds
John LANE Raunds
Thomas LANE Stanwick
Frances LANSBURY Bozeat
Anna LILLYMAN Ringstead
John LILLYMAN Ringstead
Susanna LILLYMAN Ringstead
Samuel LUCAS Raunds
Index of Names
Forename Surname Parish
Joseph MANNING Bozeat
John MARRIOTT Irchester
William MARSTON Irchester
Thomas MARTIN Raunds
Thomas MARTIN Raunds
Thomas MERCHANT Stanwick
Elizabeth MURDEN Wollaston
Charles NEALE Wollaston
Thomas NICHOLAS Raunds
Thomas NICHOLLS Raunds
Thomas NICHOLSON Raunds
Edward PATRIDGE Bozeat
Martha PATRIDGE Bozeat
Thomas PAXTON Easton Maudit
Thomas PETERS Higham Ferrers
John PETTIT Hargrave
John PETTIT Ringstead
John PETTIT Ringstead
William QUINCE Raunds
Edward RICHARDS Higham Ferrers
Henry RICHARDS Higham Ferrers
Luke RICHARDS Ringstead
Vincent ROOF Stanwick
William SAWYER Raunds
William SIBLEY Higham Ferrers
Simon SMART Stanwick
Simon SMART Stanwick
William SMART Bozeat
Anna SMITH Hargrave
Paul SOMERLY Wollaston
George SPENCER Stanwick
William SPRIGGS Wollaston
Matthew STAINS Raunds
Thomas TABBOTT yng Irchester
Thomas TABUTT yng Irchester
Richard TEATE Raunds
Richard TEATE jun Raunds
Edward TOMS Bozeat
William WALKER Strixton
William WALKER Wollaston
William WEEKLEY Ringstead
James WEEKLY Ringstead
John WELLS Stanwick
John WOODLEY Ringstead
John WOODLEY Ringstead
Edward WOODWARD Hargrave
Thomas YORKE Hargrave
NRO Ref: QS Presentment Books 1-3
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