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Adnitt Road Medical Centre 2000

The Adnitt Road Medical Centre

Rushden Medical Centre

The entrance

The centre opened on 12th August 1968. Before this the three Practices worked from separate Surgeries.

'Blue Practice' left in 1990 and built a new surgery next to Rushden Hospital in Wymington Road, but as the town grew further, by 2000 the need for another surgery was filled when Green practice also built a new centre at Harborough Field, near the bypass road, and moved in 2003.

Work starts New doors
The new entrance in 1980 and altered again in 1999

Waving the flag
left: the reception desk decorated in 1981 for the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana

right - waiting to see the Queen drive by in 1985

More flags

Office area
A series of pictures of the 1980 alterations.
The caption on one is
"did we really work in this?"

waiting area new carpet
reception desk Oh what a muddle!
Knitted blankets Treatment room before the 1999 changes
Lorna, Audrey, Anita, Kate & Janice (Page)
with one of several blankets the girls sent to Romania
In the treatment room before the 1999 changes

New sluice room
Above: the new sluice room

Left: The new extension taking shape

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