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History of FAIR

(Family Action in our Region)

It was in 1997, when Helen Tite was head teacher at Denfield Junior School here in Rushden, that she and a colleague, Alan Harper from Newton Road Junior School, were asked by the Local Education Authority if they would undertake a pilot scheme to support local children and families in need of specific support working alongside Social Services and Health.

There was no funding from Education, just a commitment, but Social Services funded a Social Worker to work alongside us for one year.

It soon became apparent that we were only scratching the surface and that this needed to be a long term project, adequately funded.

We were already working closely with Education (the LEA), Housing, Health and Social Services so we approached Spurgeon's with a proposal for starting a 'Children /Family' project in Rushden. At the initial planning meetings we also had support from all the churches in Rushden as well as youth services, probation etc.

As with all projects, funding was an issue, but the churches in Rushden agreed to support the initiative and the executive at Spurgeon's agreed to support us financially by paying for a project manager.

After a lot of deliberation FAIR - Family Action in Rushden (as it was originally known) was born in 1999. Helen was there at its concept and is still here now.

We started in a very small way with a "Drop In2" support centre/ creche at the old Post Office but the need in the area was far greater and we knew we had to grow. This was when Park Road very graciously offered to work with us and to allow us to use their building.

The local schools supported us financially and we supported them by providing after school provision for specific children.

In 2002 we decided to become a charity in our own right but to remain in Partnership with Spurgeon's and Park Road Baptist Church. Our name also evolved as our services grew and we changed it to become 'Family Action in our Region.'

In 2007 we terminated the partnership with Spurgeon's but still remain in direct partnership with Park Road Baptist Church and in 2008 became a company limited by guarantee whilst still remaining a registered charity.

The project has grown from strength to strength and that is due to the commitment of all who support FAIR - Volunteers, Staff, funders and trustees and members of the board.

We continue to grow and support numerous families in many different ways.

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