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From the archive of Rowan Flack
Former Clinical Nurse Officer, Rushden Hospital, 1966-1990.
Transcribed by Greville Watson, 2008

Kettering & District Community Health Council

Fourth Annual Report 1977/78


Although originally built as a sanatorium for tuberculosis this hospital now caters for many patients outside a chest specialty.  Through lack of money some of the agreed improvements to the hospital have had to be cancelled.  There remains the lack of good toilet facilities, especially for the staff and there is still the lack of privacy in the bathing and toilet area in Crane Ward.  There is the need for a day room in Hensman Ward.  In Colton Ward for the mentally and physically handicapped children the care is excellent but physiotherapy and training facilities do not now exist.  It was stated that more staff at meal times and bath times would be helpful.

The Day Hospital is the latest addition to the complex and is very good for the confused geriatric patients who are brought daily to it.  Benefits to the patients have already become obvious and will continue to progress.

The Skin Unit provides an excellent service as well as a clinic at hours convenient to the out-patients.

Overall, the nursing care is first class, and the hospital itself quite well maintained.

Fire notices are well displayed and fire drill is carried out.

The hospital is well supported by “The Friends” and the local public.

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