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Rushden Echo, 9th November 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins
Red Cross Fete 1917

A Splendid Balance Sheet

Nearly £2,000 Raised – Remarkably Low Expenses

The final meeting of the Rushden Red Cross Fete Committee was held on Friday evening last at the Council Buildings, Mr. John Spencer, J.P., presiding.


The balance sheet of the fete, as prepared by the joint hon. Secretaries (Mr. H. O. Miller and Mrs. Walter Robinson) showed total receipts £1,948 0s. 2d., expenses £50 1s.10d., balance in hand £1,897 18s. 4d.

The Chairman moved the adoption of the balance sheet and said it was exceedingly gratifying that they had secured such a success by the united efforts of everyone who had taken part. Earl Spencer wished him to thank every unit for the splendid effort made. Mr. Wilson telephoned to him that day and said that Lord Spencer was pleased with the carnival and with every individual turn-out, and his Lordship was more than delighted with what Rushden had done. The whole town, Mr. Spencer continued, had united in the effort, and the result showed what success could be achieved when, from the wealthiest to the poorest, each did his share. It was that which contributed to the great success.

Ald. G. Miller, J.P., seconded the adoption of the balance sheet, and said it was a very gratifying one. It showed that where an object appealed to everyone how ell the town would respond. Taking the population into account, the town had done remarkably well.

Mr. C. W. Horrell, supporting, said that the achievement was quite a success. He was sorry they did not know a bit earlier that they had so nearly reached the sum of £2,000, or they might have made an effort to raise the remainder; but at the same time they had something to be proud of as a town in that they had been enabled to get so near the £2,000. The balance sheet surprised him at the small amount of expenses, especially taking in account the high cost of things today. The people who had done their work had done it at the lowest possible cost.

The proposition was carried.

Mr. F. J. Sharwood moved that the accounts as submitted be paid.

Mr. W. B. Sanders seconded, and it was carried.

Mr. H. O. Miller said that he and his co-secretary suggested that the two odd amounts of £63 10s. 1d and £38 (in all £101 10s. 1d.) be retained for the Rushden Red Cross Society, and that the balance of £1,796 8s. 3d. be forwarded to the treasurer of the County Fund.

The chairman said that the Rushden committee had made no appeal for the last twelve months, and this sum of £101 10s. 1d. would give them a working balance.


The chairman proposed a hearty vote of the thanks to the two secretaries (Mrs. Walter Robinson and Mr. H. O. Miller) for the splendid work they had done. Without good secretaries they could not achieve a success. The amount of trouble and work the two secretaries has been put to must have been enormous, and all had been gratified at the splendid way in which the joint secretaries had carried out their duties.

Mr. Horrell seconded, and said that they all appreciated the work of Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Miller, and if they had searched the town through they could not have found two more efficient secretaries.

The proposition was carried with applause, and Mr. H. O. Miller acknowledged the vote on behalf of himself and Mrs. Robinson.

The chairman moved a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sartoris for the use of the Hall grounds. He said that Mr. and Mrs. Sartoris were deeply interested in the effort, and were most anxious it should be a success.

Ald. Miller seconded, and said that without the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Sartoris the fete could not have been such a success. They were always ready to place the Hall grounds for the use of any great philanthropic effort, and the fact that they had a nice day and had the use of those beautiful grounds greatly assisted the object they had in vies.

The proposition was carried with applause.

For Worthy Objects

Mr. Joseph Garley said that on the occasion of the fete they found they could not get the use of the cocoanut shies, dart board, and other things of that sort, and Mr. Newberry wondered if they could not get something of their own, so that if they wanted to they could get up a charity for the Red Cross, the Rose Day, the Nursing Association, or any benefit they thought well. He thought a good amount of money could be raised in the Recreation Ground on a Saturday afternoon, with the assistance of one of the bands. Mr. Evans had already given £3 3s. to start a fund, and four of the clubs had given £1 each. They could relieve many a poor working man in his sickness by having these things.

Mr. Horrell: How much would be required for the outfit?

Mr. Garley: About £50 to start with.

The chairman said that Mr. Garley might be left to formulate a scheme.

Rushden Echo, 15th September 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Rose Day - For Northampton General Hospital
Saturday Sept. 23rd.
The Rushden Mission and Temperance Bands and other Musical Organisations will parade the Town from 2.30p.m.

Please Remember what the Hospital is doing for the relief of Suffering.

Extract from obituary in 1916
The jurors gave their fees to the funds of the Red Cross Fete at Rushden.

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