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Forget-Me-Not Day
Rushden and District Blind and Cripple Fund

Rushden Argus, 1st May 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

On Thursday a well-attended meeting of the Rushden and District Blind and Cripple Fund was held in the Co-operative Hall, Rushden. Mr. W. Frisby presided, and said they had collected £48 last year, and of that sum £38 had been expended in grants to deserving cases. Crippled children had been supplied with appliances, and life had been made easier for a large number of people by their efforts. (Applause)

Rushden Argus, 22nd May 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Forget-me-not – How a Little Cripple Helped the Rushden Club Fund

flower sellers
Selling flowers - by C F Chapman
We print a picture of a little girl assisting the Combined Clubs' Blind and Crippled Children's Fund by selling forget-me-nots on Saturday at Rushden. The child had a broken leg, and her assistance on Saturday was a happy effort on the little injured one's part, for her box was a very heavy one at the close of the day.

Never has there been such a display of the emblematical blue flower as was seen in Rushden on Saturday, when anyone not wearing one of them was most conspicuous by its absence. The occasion was the effort of the local committee of the Blind and Crippled Children's Association in connection with the Club Union.

As early as six o'clock in the morning daintily dressed maids, with decorated boxes of the flower, were to be seen. During the morning the factories were visited, and ready sales were effected, so that by two o'clock the supply ran short, but, thanks to the foresight of the energetic secretary (Mr. W. J. Hughan), a fresh supply was received by the five o'clock train from St. Pancras. Selling was proceeded with briskly, the influx of visitors for the band contest affording plenty of scope for the vendors, who were ably assisted by the nursing sisters of the Ambulance Association, under Lady-Supt, Tomlinson.

At eight o'clock the sale ceased, and the proceeds were handed in at the headquarters, Alfred-street Schools, where the committee were in attendance, with Mr. W. Frisby (chairman, of the local committee) and Mr. Hughan (secretary of the organisation). The proceeds realised the grand result of £52, and this, with £40, the result of the efforts of Higham and district on the previous Saturday, made a grand total of £92 for the funds as the result of the Forget not scheme.

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