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Rushden Echo, 15th August 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

Letter from the Ministry of Health - Advice to the Urban Council

The old Coal Office at Rushden Railway Station

Photo by Peter Fensome 2004, shortly before it was demolished to make way for the new link road, from the eastern by-pass to the town centre.

At the meeting of the Rushden Urban Council on Wednesday night the following letter was received from the Ministry of Health: "I am directed by the Minister to state that, in view of the present uncertainty in regard to the coal supply, the President of the Board of Trade has asked me to urge on all Local Authorities the importance of taking immediate steps to meet the emergency. For this purpose your Authority are requested to place themselves at once in communication with the divisional offices of the Coal Mines Department and obtain their assistance in the matter. It is considered important that Local Authorities should at once proceed to stock coal to the best of their ability. The railway companies will give all possible facilities, including the provision of spare space for stocking coal, where they have it available, if the Local Authority has difficulty in this respect."

Mr. Hornsby: Will you let us know when the coal arrives, as we should much like to see it. (Laughter)

Mr. Swindall: It would be much better if they would let the supply come to the coal merchants to distribute to the people so that the inhabitants might store it in their barns.

The letter was referred to the committee.

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