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Rushden Distress Fund

Rushden Echo, 15th July 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

Distress at Rushden

To the Editor of the "Rushden Echo."

Sir,—May I, through your columns, make an appeal to the people of Rushden for subscriptions to the Rushden Distress Fund. The Committee has now been at work for over six months and has been the means of saving many families from want. Particularly has this been done in the case of ex-service men, who had no chances to accumulate a few pounds whilst on service. But for this Fund many homes must have been broken up and many children must either have been underfed or have been taken to the workhouse.

Now the balance in hand is so small that the Fund must be closed unless further aid is given at once.

There are many kind-hearted people in Rushden, and I trust that when the present state of affairs is brought to their notice there will be a speedy and generous response to this appeal, so that the good work of the committee may continue for a few more weeks.

Yours etc.
L. PERKINS, Hon. Sec.

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