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From Mr Don Sturgess , now aged 87 years by letter.

Memories of Dr Muriset

Mr Sturgess' mother got fed up with people saying that he was too thin and was he all right, so took him to see Dr Muriset, who's surgery was in John Street. When told the reason for the visit, she was told in no uncertain terms to tell other people to mind their own business. As Don was weary they left without the usual bottle of medicine.

He remembers there being little light in the waiting room and one had to sit on a very uncomfortable form while you waited. As no appointment system was held, you had to notice who came into the surgery after you and then wait your turn to see the doctor. Arguments often broke out about whose turn in fact it was.

Dr Muriset was a tall thin man of Scottish decent who had a lovely manner and was well respected.

Mr Sturgess remembers Dr Muriset coming to his home in Windmill Road to remove his adenoids. This "operation" was performed on the living room table. All he remembers was Dr Muriset saying "I'm just going to put you to sleep", as he placed a pad over his nose, on which he’d put chloroform and he was out like a light.

Don comments “I couldn't see that happening these days”.

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