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Mr. Pressland

Northampton Mercury, 1st July 1809


As a further Proof of Mr. Pressland’s superior Method of treating CANCERS, I submit my Case to the Public.—About four Years ago I perceived a hard Knot in my Breast, and I applied to three Gentlemen of the Faculty; they all told me it was a Cancer, and advised me to have it taken out; not willing to comply, the Surgeon who regularly attends our Family advised me to apply to a Mr. Pressland, of Rushden, near Higham Ferrers. I made Application immediately, and now I have the Happiness to say that I am perfectly cured. Mr. Pressland has likewise cured a Nephew of mine of a Scroulous Ulcerated Arm, that was given over by the Faculty for Amputation. And what is most extraordinary, both Cures were performed without any Pain.     Mary Taylor.
Spratton, 20th October 1808

Sale of his goods in 1821

Northampton Mercury, 13th February 1830

To Surgeons and Apothecaries
To be LET

And may be entered upon immediately

A Genteel RESIDENCE, situate in the populous Village of Rushden, in the County of Northampton, late in the Occupation of Mr. Daniel Prestland, deceased. The Premises are in excellent Repair, and genteely furnished, with the increasing Practice attached thereto; there is also a considerable Number of Villages near Rushden, to which the Practice extends. The Medicines and Instruments for the Use of the Practice to be taken at a Valuation, and also the Household Furniture, if requested; so desirable an Opportunity seldom offers.

For further Particulars, apply to Mr. John Carrington, Building Surveyor and Appraiser, Kettering; Mr. Wm. Griffin, Thrapston; or Mr. John Radburne, Draper, Rushden; either of whom are empowered to treat for the same.

Rushden, Feb. 9th 1830.

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