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Triplets - 1878

Wellingborough News, 8th June 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE POPULATION of Rushden is rapidly increasing. Twins, our correspondent informs us, are frequently born there, and not long since the Education Department were so struck by the large number of children that a second census was ordered to be taken. It would be interesting to have a return made showing number of children born from time to time in parish of Rushden. On Wednesday Mrs. Ebenezer Claridge gave birth to three—two boys and a girl. The mother is recovering satisfactorily, and the children who are strong and healthy, have, we are told, been admired by a number of persons who have been permitted to see them.
[Named Ebenezer, John Howard, and Mary Eunice - but sadly all 3 died]
Wellingborough News, 6th July 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

GRANT FROM THE QUEENUpon the application of the Rector, the Rev. J. T. Barker, Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to direct General Sir T. Biddulph, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, to forward the sum of £3 to Mrs. Claridge, who was recently delivered of three children at one birth.

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