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Evening Telegraph, 12th October 1963
More Mothers go to Welfare Clinic

ATTENDANCE summaries for mothers and babies at Rushden Infant Welfare Clinic show marked increase, on the figure of last year, it was reported at the annual meeting of the infant Welfare Clinic yesterday.

The average attendance of mothers on Wednesday afternoons during the past year was 77.

Tribute was paid to the work of the voluntary committee by Miss A. Mair, nurse in charge of the clinic.

Mrs. A. U. Muxlow presided at the meeting, which was, held in the clinic, and among the visitors was Miss G. B. Millgate, who was nurse in charge of the clinic until her retirement in March.

The financial report was presented by Mrs. Muxlow, on behalf of the treasurer, Mr. O. A. H. Muxlow, and showed a satisfactory bank balance.

A vote of thanks to the chairman was proposed by Mrs. B. Paine and Mrs. C. Faulkner thanked the former president, Mrs. C. A. Sanders, for providing the tea.

The following officers were elected:

President, Mrs. H. Sugars; chairman. Mrs. Muxlow; secretary, Miss M. Sharwood; treasurer, Mr. Muxlow; registrar, Mrs. Burrield; convenor to tea committee, Mrs. D. Foster.

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