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Health Exhibition

Wellingborough News, 25th October 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

A TRIP TO LONDON—On Saturday last no less than 486 of the inhabitants of Rushden and the immediate neighbourhood visited the Health Exhibition, and numerous places of interest, in London. The trip originated in the desire of the workpeople to avail themselves of the facilities afforded by the Railway Companies, and arrangements were made for a trip at 4s. 3d. a head, including admission to the Healtheries. The manufacturers co-operated with the workpeople, and a representative committee having been formed, consisting of two or three from each firm, the guarantee of 300 was speedily made up. The party left Irchester at 7.30, arriving at Shepherd's Bush, London, a little before ten. The excursionists dispersed in various directions, some making the day of it at the Healtheries, while others, anxious to see much in a short space of time, forgot, no doubt, more than they remembered. The following narrative will give an idea not of what might be done, but of what some actually did.

A visit was first of all paid to Madame Tussuad's, after which lunch was partaken of. The 'bus was next taken to Westminster, the Lord Chamberlain's office was visited, and tickets for admittance to the two Houses of Parliament obtained. After carefully scanning the interior and exterior, Big Ben struck out, and the party wended their way to the landing stage at Westminster Bridge, from whence they took the packet to London Bridge, where a search was made for the tower. After viewing the jewels and ornaments, the train was then taken at Mark-lane for South Kensington, and the Healtheries were visited from 3.30 until seven o'clock. An adjournment was next made to Princess's Theatre, where a dramatic treat—"Hamlet"—was provided by Mr. Wilson Barrett. At 11 o'clock St. Pancras was sought, and at 11.30 the train moved punctually off, Irchester being reached at 1.30 on Sunday morning.

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