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Rifle Band
formerly the National Band

Rushden Rifle Recruiting Band
Rushden Rifle Recruiting Band

The Argus, Friday 30th September 1910, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Feast click here for full report

...... The Rifle Band also gave two concerts under the conductorship of Mr. E. Whitworth. The first was in Mr. Marriott’s field in the afternoon, and the second in the Council field at five o’clock.

Recruits 1915

The Wellingborough News, Friday 22 October 1915, transcribed by Nicky Bates [for full report see Wellingborough News]

Rushden Recruits - Enthusiastic Send Off of the New "Boys"
The recruits who have joined the Northants Regt., during the past two weeks left Rushden by the 11.49 a.m. train for Colchester on Tuesday morning.

They "fell in" outside the recruiting office and marched through the town, and were met by the Rushden Rifle Band, who played them to the station. Here they were bidden farewell by the Rector and Mr G Miller, C.A., and a large number of inhabitants.

Rushden Echo, 3rd March 1916, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Bandsmen’s Patriotism - Enlistments and Enrolments - The Rifle Band
  A tea and social in connection with the Rushden Rifle Band were held in the Band Club Room on Saturday, when a good company of members attended with their wives and friends. An excellent meat tea was provided. Mr. W. Neville presided, and said that he wished to thank the band for the splendid way they had worked for various charities, and also for recruiting.  Many of the members had enlisted – one in the King’s Royal Rifles, two in the Navy, and others in the A.S.C. One had joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Band. One of their members, R. Barnes, who had been called up at the beginning of the war, was a prisoner in Germany. All the eligible members left had attested under Lord Derby’s scheme. The concert season had been a great success. Best thanks were due to the president (Mr. A. H. Sartoris) and the vice-presidents and to the public generally. He was glad to say that the band had been able to clear off the debt on the uniforms and to start the present year with a balance-in-hand of £24 2s 8d. On behalf of the secretary and himself he wished the band every success in the future.

  An apology was read from Ald. G. Miller for inability to attend, expressing best thanks for the services the band had rendered in every way, especially to the 8th Northants Regt.

  An enjoyable social followed, Mr. Neville presiding. Programme: March, Call of the Old Boys, Band; waltz, Eton boating song, Band; song, When you come home, Miss Florrie Whitworth; cornet solo, The lost chord, Mr. M. J. Roberts; song, Hymns of the old Church Choir, Mr. E. Smith; Lancers, Revues of London, Band; song, Baby’s Letter, Miss Beattie Whitworth; song, The Hymns my mother used to sing, Mr. M. J. Roberts; round glee, Messrs. Bailey, Whitworth, R. Roberts and Petitt; recitation, Llewellyn and his dog, Miss Lilian Whitworth; song, My ain folk, Miss Florrie Whitworth; waltz, La Rinka, Band. The pianist was Miss Florrie Whitworth. Dancing followed.

Rushden Echo, 14th July 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rifle Band gave a very fine programme in Spencer Park on Sunday afternoon in aid of the Northamptonshire Prisoners of War Fund. A good company assembled and the music was greatly enjoyed. Mr. C. H. Baker conducted. A very effective item on the programme was the one "To the memory of the brave", which includes some well-known hymn tunes appropriate to the piece.

Rushden Echo, 25th August 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rushden Rifle Band and the Town Band Club Male Choir had a good half day’s holiday on Saturday. By the kind invitation of the Matron, the Northamptonshire War Hospital at Duston was visited by 23 of the band and 24 of the male choir, and a first class concert was given in the theatre to about 500 wounded soldiers and the nurses. Several who were looking forward to the concert were unable to be present on account of the severe wounds and their very low condition. The following programme was well rendered: March, La Romarno, Band; selection, musical comedy, The Girl in the Taxi; glee, Sweet doth blush, Male Choir; selection, Comrades in arms, Male Choir, valse, Eton boating song, Band; fantasia, Melodies of Great Britain and Ireland; glee, O’er the downs, Male Choir; selection Martyrs of the arena, Male Choir; cornet sols, I hear you calling me (encore, Until), Mr. M. J. Roberts; selection, Popular songs: Still smiling (encored); selections, The oath, and Twilights, Male Choir. The conductor of the band was Mr. C. H. Baker and of the choir Mr. W. G. Hardwick. The cornet solos and the solos and the songs in "Still smiling" brought down the house. Hopes were expressed that the visitors would pay a return visit to the hospital.

Rushden Echo, 15th August 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rushden Rifle Band played in Spencer Park for dancing on Monday evening. There was a very large attendance. [The same newspaper advertises them leading a parade for a Co-op Tea]
Rushden Echo, 4th March 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rifle Band – The annual meeting of Rushden Rifle Band was held in the Harmonic Hall of the Band Club on Monday, Mr. W. Neville presiding. The secretary (Mr. G. W. Coleman) reported a successful year, every request having been complied with. They had received the thanks of the Rushden Urban Council and many congratulations for their summer concerts in Spencer Park. They regretted the loss through death of Mr. S. Underwood, a genial and one of the oldest members. Two players, Mr. C. Neville (cornet) and Mr. A. W. Robinson (euphonium) had left owing to the bad state of trade, and had taken up music in South Wales professionally. All the members wished them well. He was pleased to state that their worthy cornet soloist, Mr. M. J. Roberts, had decided to stay on with them although he had received two very tempting offers to join well-known bands. (Applause) The auditor (Mr. H. Roberts) reported favourably on the accounts. There was a credit balance of £35 2s.2½d. Officers were elected: President, Mr. A. H. Sartoris, J.P., vice-presidents re-elected; bandmaster, Mr. E. E. Whitworth; secretary, Mr. Coleman; treasurer, Mr. L. Penniss; committee, Messrs. W. Neville (chairman), T. Robinson, C. Shrives, M. J. Roberts, W. Bates and W. Whitworth.

Rushden Echo, 24th June 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rifle Band gave a first-class concert on Sunday evening in Spencer Park, under the able conductorship of Mr. E. E. Whitworth.

Rushden Echo, 28th April 1922, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rifle Band have been secured by the Castle Ashby Flower Show Committee for the August Bank Holiday Monday, and by the Irchester Flower Show Committee for the following Thursday.

Rushden Echo and Argus Friday 23rd June 1922, transcribed by Susan Manton

The Rushden Rifle Band, ably conducted by Mr. E. E. Whitworth, gave a splendid concert on Sunday evening on the lawn at the Windmill Club. Programme: March, “Viva Pettee” (W. Rimmer): Overture “Barber of Seville” (Rossini); Bell Solo “Les Cloches” (Partridge), soloist Mr. E. Cross; Musical Comedy “Count of Luxemburg” (Franz Lehar); March, “Coronation Bells” (Partridge); Cornet solo “Il Baccio” (Ardite), soloist Mr. M.J. Roberts; Fantasia, “Military Church Parade” (Ord Hume); Hymn Varie “Lead Kindly Light.”

Rushden Echo, 20th April 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rifle Band gave a much-appreciated concert on Sunday afternoon in Spencer Park, a fair company being present. Programme: March, "Dawn of Freedom" (W. Rimmer); overture, "Lustspiel" (Keler Bela); selection, "La Traviata" (Verdi); cornet solo, "Mountain Lovers" (W. H. Squire), Mr. M. J. Roberts; selection, "Mirella" (Gounod); cornet solo, "Lead, Kindly Light" (Sir A. Sullivan), Mr. M. J. Roberts; Mr. E. E. Whitworth very efficiently conducted.

Rushden Echo, 25th May 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Band'€s Success—Yesterday at the County Agricultural Show at Kettering, in the brass band contests, Rushden Rifle Band scored third prize in the selection. The band was conducted by Mr. C. H. Baker. Raunds Temperance Band won first prize in the march and second in the selection.

Rushden Echo, 26th July 1912

Extract from a funeral: ..... deceased was a trustee of the Rushden Town Band Club, and was one of the members of the Rifle Band who helped to form that musical combination. He was also a very highly respected member of the old National Band, which was broken up about 16 years ago. [1896]

Rushden Echo, 28th November 1924, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Bandmaster Resigns
Presentation to Mr E E Whitworth
An Interesting Career

On his retirement from the position of bandmaster of the Rushden Rifle Band, after having held the post for 21 years, Mr E E Whitworth, of Winchester-road, Rushden, was presented by the band members with a handsome gold watch inscribed: “Rushden Rifle Band. A recognition of 21 years’ service. From old and new bandsmen, to E E Whitworth.”

The presentation ceremony took place on Sunday morning, after the usual band practice. Mr M J Roberts, the new bandmaster, and an old pupil of Mr Whitworth, speaking on behalf of his colleagues, offered the splendid gift to his former leader and said that Mr Whitworth had always had the virtue of regularity and punctuality at band practice. [part of a longer article]

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