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Rushden Echo, 13th July 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins
Master Dennis Howard Ellis
Rushden Lad’s Bravery

Master Dennis Howard Ellis, aged 15, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Jonathan Ellis, of 1 Woburn-place, Rushden, risked his life to save that of another youth much bigger than himself on Wednesday evening in the Nene. A lad named William Tear, of Pratt-road, aged about 10 and nearly 6ft. in height, had been bathing near the “Willows” at Ditchford before the storms, and the depth was not too great for him (being a non-swimmer). The deluge of the early part of the week had brought the water up higher, and, not thing of that, Tear jumped in. Young Ellis had finished his bathing, and was about to dress, when he saw Tear go down in difficulties. Without hesitation he dived in, got beneath Tear, and raised him. Tear was, however, too heavy, and Ellis was himself forced under. Trying again, he got a good hold on Tear and swam backwards towards the bank. It was no ordinary task, as Ellis is rather small of stature, but he is an expert swimmer and full of pluck. Helpers on the bank reached out, took hold of the semi-conscious youth Tear, and got him to dry ground. It was some time before Tear had sufficiently recovered to be able to walk home. Ellis is a cornet-player in the Rushden Mission Silver Band.

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