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The Rushden Echo & Argus, 1st December 1939, transcribed by Jim & Gill Hollis.

Local Roll of Honour

Men and Women Who Have Enlisted in the Services

This week we publish the first list of names in our Roll of Honour – the names of men and women from this district who are serving with His Majesty’s Forces on land, sea, or in the air.

All are proud of them, these lads – and lassies – who have left their homes to serve the country, and local residents will be glad to know the names of their fellow citizens who have joined up.

Relatives of serving men and women are therefore invited to fill up the form which appears below and thus co-operate in helping to compile a representative list. Similar forms will be published regularly during the war.

We shall also be glad to receive information of transfers, promotions, decorations, etc.

Indexes Covering August 1939 to May 1945


ALL 1669 others are Rushden

Promotions, Transfers & Discharges by Surname

Note: A few promotions were listed in the "new" enlistments lists. These lists cover the District (see index by Home Town) but the newspaper relied upon relatives sending in the information.

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