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Letters & Notes from the Newspapers
There are many notes about soldiers in the newspapers: those
who died, were imprisoned, and those who survived the wars.
Soldiers Recounting Experiences, Battles, and Conditions in WWI

Rushden Echo, 23rd August 1918

Send Your Soldier Boy a Tin.
Every week one tin of Keating’s.

At the Front, in the Workshop, in the Home, all know that Keating’s Powder kills every insect.—Bugs, Fleas, Flies, Beetles, Body Vermin—coming into proper contact with it, and these vermin carry disease—therefore kill them. Sold everywhere, 3d., 6d., and 1s., but see you get “Keating’s.”

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A short Pathé film: shows the work it took to provide bread. Army bakers are shown at a bank of clay and brick ovens. They produced cart loads of fresh baked loaves for soldiers in the trenches.
See also 15 Bakers

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