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Freehold Land Society

Wellingborough & Kettering News 28/06/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

LAND SOCIETY—On Wednesday evening, a public meeting was held in the Board Schools, to consider the propriety of forming a Land Society. There was a very good attendance. Mr. C. Groome, on the motion of Mr. G. H. Mason, was voted to the chair, and stated the reason of the meeting. He said it was well known an interview had been held by a committee of the Town Council and the Surveyor of the Duchy in reference to the Duchy Land in the parish, and it was stated that in all probability the lease which runs out in May, 1891, would not be renewed, but that the land being in the market he had thought it would be as well to meet and see if any provision could be made to bring the land in the reach of the people. He then stated his idea of the constitution of the society. Several questions were asked as to what the Inspector stated and other matters. Some present were of opinion it would have been desirable for some of the committee that met the Surveyor to have been present. Mr. Mason and Mr. O. Parker answered as to the result of the interview, and it was unanimously decided, on the motion of Mr. O. Parker, seconded by Mr. John Sargent, "that it is desirable to form a land society on the terms indicated, and that this meeting pledges itself to promote it." 21 gave in their names as members, and the following were appointed a provisional committee to provide a draft copy of rules to submit to a meeting to be held as soon as possible:- Messrs. C. Groome, O. Parker, G. H. Mason, W. Newman, and G. Appleyard. A vote of thanks to the chairman for calling the meeting and presiding was carried and the meeting closed.

Wellingborough & Kettering News 19/07/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

LAND SOCIETY—A meeting was held in the Board Schools on Tuesday evening for the purpose of forming a land society. A meeting was called about a fortnight since to take the preliminary steps for the formation of a land society, and at that meeting a provisional committee consisting of Messrs. G. H. Mason, O. Parker, W. Newman, G. Appleyard, and C. Groome, were appointed to prepare a draft code of rules. The committee having done so a meeting to receive the entrance fees of shareholders and to consider the rules was held on Tuesday. Mr. C. Groome was voted to the chair, 28 paid their entrance fee, and the hon. sec. pro. tem. (Mr. O. Parker) read the rules and they were passed seriatim with a few slight amendments. The rules provide that the shares shall be of the value of £20 each, no person to have more than three shares, the payments to be one shilling per week with one penny to the management, any person not wishing to purchase land can withdraw his money by giving certain notice and if the amount is £2 and upwards, then he will take interest. It was further provided that the Board Schools be the registered place of business and that the subscriptions be taken weekly.

Mr.W. Newman was appointed secretary, and Mr. G. Appleyard, treasurer. The provisional committee were ordered to continue in office until the rules were registered and printed.

Wellingborough & Kettering News 22/11/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY — This society is making good progress, as at the weekly meeting at the Coffee Tavern, the secretary (Mr. W. Newman) stated there were now 44 shares taken up, and the society had invested in the Post Office Savings Bank £34. Considering the society had only been in existence for 17 weeks, and is for the most part composed of working men, this was considered very encouraging. It is hoped the society may be able to purchase some of the Duchy land if it should, as is expected, come into the market in 1801, at the expiration of the present lease.

Wellingborough & Kettering News 09/05/1890, transcribed by Peter Brown

FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY — A public meeting of the shareholders of the Freehold Land Society was held in the Town Hall (by permission of the mayor), on Saturday afternoon. A good number attended, and Mr. C. Groome was voted to the chair.—The chairman stated that the object of the meeting was to enrol members, explain the rules of the society, and to elect officers. He remarked that the society had been established nine months, and the rules had now been registered. The society had been steadily increasing. The number of shares taken was about 70, which showed well for the society. He hoped it would further increase during the next twelve months. On the proposition of Mr. J. Sargent, seconded by Mr. Hancock, Mr. C. Groome, who had been the promoter of the society, was appointed president. The other officers were selected as follows:- Treasurer, Mr.Appleyard; secretary, Mr. W. Newman; solicitor, Mr. G. S. Mason; auditors, Mr. C. Jolley, and Mr. James Sargent; committee, Mr. G. Horne, Mr. C. W. Perkins, Mr. J. Sargent, Mr. T. Kent, Mr. W. Partridge, Mr. D. Partridge, Mr. E. Hancock, Mr. H. Smith, and Mr. J. Pack. At the close a good number enrolled themselves as members.

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