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villages of the Hundred Area map
The villages of the Higham Ferrers Hundred
Map showing the area around the county boundary

In the course of our work, we have been offered, or already have in our 'Rushden Research' archive, some indexes, photographs and documents relating to nearby villages. The old administration area to which Rushden belongs was the Higham Ferrers Hundred, consisting of 14 parishes. Our first major project was to index the 1901 census, and we completed this for the whole Hundred in 2004. The remaining small parishes will be covered, to a lesser degree, under this Villages section. Several indexes cover all these parishes, except Rushden, Chelveston, Newton Bromswold and Higham Park which all have dedicated sections.

We also have a little information for the Bedfordshire parishes which share the county boundary with Rushden, or are close by. Like Chelveston, both Podington and Melchbourne saw Americans based there in WWII. The men came into all the villages and many friendships were made with local families. Rushden being the largest town in the area drew many of the men there for their leisure time, where there were pubs and cinemas and dances. In return the Americans would also put on events when they would invite local people to their camps. Some local girls married their GIs and went to live in America. We'd be pleased to add stories and photographs that you would like to share. The village of Yelden has a dedicated section.

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Higham Ferrers Hundred Parishes

Indexes Covering Several Parishes in the HF 100
(excluding parishes with dedicated sections)
Bozeat, Strixton & Easton Maudit
Brief Village Histories & Trade Directories Index
Census 1841-1901
Census Statistics Chelveston (dedicated section)
Commerce Index Index
Fires Ditchford (dedicated section)
Inquests Index (Northampton reports) Index
News Clips
Obituaries Index Hargrave
Parish Registers Index
Higham Ferrers
People Higham Park (dedicated section)
Wills Index Index
Inhabitants 1590s
Freeholders 1605 Irchester (includes hamlets of Knuston & Farndish)
Alehouse Recognizances 1630 Index
Civil War Money 1643
Poll Books 1702:1705:1730:1748:1806 Newton Bromswold (dedicated section)
Hearth Tax Index
Militia Lists
Northampton Hospital 1744-1773 Raunds
Window Tax 1750 Index
Badgers Licences (traders) Ringstead
Hair Powder Certificates 1796/7 Index
Presentments 1693-1790
Prisoners - Calendars Stanwick
Quarter Sessions Cases Index
Land Tax 1801
Land & Property Sales Wollaston
Fitzwilliam Estate Papers - catalogue Index
Rules of East Northants Co-op 1944
War Memorials Index Page Bedfordshire Parishes
Wartime - WWII Enlistments (under Rushden)
Hinwick, Knotting, Melchbourne,
Weather (under Rushden)
Podington & Wymington
Wool Fair 1909 Index
Workhouse Births
Workhouse Deaths Yelden (dedicated section)
Absent Voters 1927 + 1933 Index
Other Counties
Covington HUN 1901 Census
Wills at NRO - for BDF, BKM & HUN

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