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From family papers, by kind permission
PC Walter Evans Powell of Higham Ferrers

Walter Evans Powell was born in London, where his father was a policeman. In about 1897 he came to Wellingborough before moving to Earls Barton as the village police constable, and soon was joined by Ada, also born in London. They married in 1898 and their first child Mark William was born in 1899. At Earls Barton the family expanded, with Ellen in 1900, Grace in 1901, and Walter in 1904. Sadly, Ada died in 1906 leaving Walter with a young family to raise.

Walter then became the village policeman at Higham Ferrers, and he married Ellen Garner of Earls Barton in 1908, and the following year their daughter Molly was born. He and Ellen had five more children, Hector in 1911 (known as Dick), Major (known as Joe) in 1917, Queenie in 1913, Isabella Joan Esther (born 1915, buried 4th August 1916) and Rowland born 1919. The family was living in College Street, when their daughter Bell died in 1916.

In Loving memory of

Little Bell

The Dearly Loved Child of
W E and E Powell
Born Feb 28th 1915
Died Aug 1st 1916

Jesus went to gather flowers,
On his way he gathered ours.

Isabella's gravestone
Children with toys Four of the children
Hector (Dick) & Molly c1914
Dick, Queenie, Joe & Molly c 1919
Names from the family bible
Names from the family bible

Outside No. 1 High Street
No.1 High Street, Higham Ferrers

PC Powell, with his family outside No. 1 High Street. The little boy in the doorway with his mother Ellen, is Rowland Powell, the youngest child of Walter.

In the window is a "GR" poster, and the slogans God Save The King & God Bless The Queen, together with flags and bunting, adorn the house.

Rushden Echo Friday 29th June 1917, transcribed by Susan Manton

Accident—P.C. Powell was the victim of an accident last Tuesday whilst cycling, and as a result he has badly bruised the flesh and bone of his right leg. It appears that he was cycling towards Irthlingborough station and whilst passing a motor-car, which was proceeding in the opposite direction, a young lady attempted to pass between P.C. Powell and the car, with the result that her cycle struck the back wheel of P.C. Powell’s machine and both were thrown heavily to the ground. The young lady also injured her right leg, but neither of the cycles were much damaged. We understand that the participants in the accident were able to get to their respective homes without assistance.

Rushden Argus, 29th June 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Constable Thrown—At Higham Ferrers on Tuesday evening P.C. Powell was knocked off his cycle in a collision, and sustained slight injuries. It appears that he met a lady cyclist, who swerved, and owing to the traffic they came into collision. The lady’s cycle was damaged, and P.C. Powell’s hands were cut.

Walter earned several awards during his career including the star and stripe of the Merit Badge. After retiring from the police force in 1920, Walter took a great interest in local affairs, and became a councillor, serving the community for twelve years.

His eldest son was killed in WWI, three sons followed in their father's footsteps by serving in the police force, and his youngest son Rowland, served in the RAF during WWII, and then took up a career in electrical installation. Walter died in 1939 aged 65.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, 30th June 1950, transcribed by Kay Collins

'It's a Grand Life', says P.C. After 25 Years
Police Constable Walter Evans Powell, stationed at Loddington, whose grand-father, father, three uncles, and two brothers have all been police constables in various constabularies in the country, retires to-day after 25 years' service with the Force. He is 45.

Walter Powell
Walter Powell
P.C. Powell, who lives at 5, Council Houses, Loddington, was born at Higham Ferrers, and brought up in the tradition and atmosphere of police work. He began his career in Kettering, where he was stationed for five years. After a further nine years at Desborough, he moved to Loddington and has been there ever since.

"These years have been the happiest of my life, and if I had my time over again I would still join the police force. I think it's a grand life, and can't understand young fellows who do not want to join," he told an "Evening Telegraph" reporter.

The Public
P.C. Powell had a word of praise for the general public. "I have found them very helpful to the police if the police play fair and square with them," he said.

Of the officers of the Force, P.C. Powell said: "I have always found them most helpful and understanding."

The Youth
P.C. Powell is on the committee of the Loddington Youth Club. "I do believe in policemen taking an interest in youth. I do not think there would be half the crime there is if more would get in touch with the young boys in their area," he said, adding that in his spare time he had coached some members of the club in boxing.

P.C. Powell has no immediate plans for the future, although he intends to devote some time to his hobby of gardening

The Family
He is the son of the late P.C. Walter Evans Powell, of Higham Ferrers, who retired after 27 years with the Force.

His grandfather was a constable in the Metropolitan Police, and he had two uncles in the Metropolitan Police and a third in the Northampton Borough Force. Two brothers are serving with the Norfolk Police.

Walter junior
Walter junior - PC 37
Brother Joe Powell - PC 108

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