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St John Nursing Cadets

Nurse Trusler
1931 Presentation

Mrs. Reeves presented to Lady Officer Miss Trusler, of Higham Ferrers, the service medal of the Order of St. John which has been awarded to her for 15 years' efficient service in the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

Kate Osbourn
Kate Osbourn

A postcard by C F Chapman
St John Cadets 1942 in Midland Road
Back: Olive Richardson, Diana Fairbrass, Betty Hamilton, Freda Smith, Vera Knight, Olive Abbott, Gloria Chaplin, Joyce Nealy, Gabrielle Bounds.

3rd row: Doreen Hartwell, Betty Garrot, Marion Waters, Vera Bennet, Madge Bateman, Pat Bounds, Elsie Childs, Jean Odell, Eileen Britten, Rita Marlow.

2nd row: Christine Felce, Evelyn Middleton, Sheena Woods, Sylvia Crisp, Miss Morley, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Biggs, Joyce Pack, Joyce Barker, Irene Watts, Betty Hales.

Front: Mary Moore, Eileen Holton, Nora Wilkinson, Brenda Cheeseman,
Pauline Tearle, Nora Ackerley.

c1947 in Higham Recreation Ground

Front row: 2nd from left Miss N Haddon, Divisional Superintendant, later made a Serving Sister of St John

c1950 Carnival Float

c1950s 'Blood Donor' float

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