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Wellingborough News, 8th January 1892, transcribed by Kay Collins

CHARITY— Our correspondent writes:— "In years past there had always used to be given away on the 2nd of January 240 loaves worth 6d. each, the money to pay for which was provided by the rental of a field at Raunds. Another loaf, called the little loaf, used to be given away in March, this was valued at 3d., and the money to purchase this was the interest of £50 at five per cent. Some years since the £50 was called in by the vicar and churchwardens, and the money invested in consols at three per cent., and there not being sufficient to give the little loaf, it was decided to give fifteen poor people 2s. 6d. each and one 1s., but it was thought the "big loaf" was safe until some few years since the tenant was discharged and the land, instead of being let at £6 per year, was let at £10, but the poor only had the 240 loaves at 6d. In the course of two or three years the tenants got into arrears and then the poor had none; whether the land has since been re-let or not is not definitely known, but on Saturday the "municipal charity trustees" and their officers attended at the church to dispense 400 loaves of the value of 1¾d. each, or £2 18s. 4d. in all. There were great complaints about it, and it is trusted the matter will be brought before a public meeting of the inhabitants. A great number of the loaves were not called for, and the officials sent a man round with a barrow to give them away.

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