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Higham Ferrers Town Council

Town Hall
Notes from the newspapers, reporting on the council meetings.

These extracts are reports giving details of changes or public interest.

The articles were noted whilst trawling the newspapers for research on other topics, including obituaries, accidents, fires and celebrations.

Wellingborough & Kettering News 12/04/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

Higham Ferrers Town Council - Meeting
—The Town Clerk read a copy of a petition he had sent to the secretary of the Duchy of Lancaster, asking that as soon as the present lease is run out they will bring into the Market some building land, as there is a great scarcity of houses in the Borough and no building land in the market; and that for generations scarcely any buildings have been erected either on the Duchy or the Fitzwilliam estates. This tends to cripple the trade, and many of those employed in the town had to walk several miles night and morning to get to and from their houses. A letter from the secretary to the Duchy was read which stated "that the Surveyor-general of the Duchy had been instructed, when next he visits Higham Ferrers, to put himself in communication with the Mayor in order that he may more fully inform himself of the requirements of the Borough.”

DRAINS IN SPRING GARDENS—Mr Perkins called attention to the drainage In Spring Gardens, which he said was dreadful. The cesspools over-flowing, and the slush in some places ankle deep. He asked if they as an authority could not compel the owners to cleanse their drains. The Mayor said the whole questions of draining Spring Gardens would come on later.

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