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Trade Directory c1856

Three pages, torn from a directory dating from the 1850s, provide this information.
There is no heading on the pages, but the gas works are open. The population is from 1851 Census.

Higham Ferrers is a market town, and Corporate Borough, on the river Nene; distant 16 miles east-north-east from Northampton, and 65 miles from London. The population in 1851 was 1,140. Here is a station of the London and North Western Railway Company. The town is scattered nearly a mile in length, and takes its second name from the family of Earl Ferrers, who were its Lords. It is also supposed to have been a Roman station, according to some ancient remains found here. The Shoe trade is carried on to some extent; as also the making of pillow lace. The market day is on Saturday; and Fairs are held on Thursday before February 5th, March 7th, Thursday before May 12th, June 28th, Thursday before August 5th, October 11th, and December 6th. The Church is a very ancient structure, the date of its erection is very uncertain, but it could not have been later than the fourteenth century. It has a nave, aisles, and several chapels, with tower, and a fine spire 170 feet in height, and a peal of 6 bells. In the interior are several ancient monuments and brasses. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of Earl Fitzwilliam. Rev. G. Malim, M.A., vicar.
Post Office - Mr. John Sanders, Postmaster

Arrivals—From London, Northampton, the North, and Peterborough, &c. 6 a.m. Peterborough, Oundle, Thrapston, &c. 8.15 a.m. London, North and South, and Wellingborough, &c. 12.45 p.m.

Deliveries—7 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Despatches—For London and South and North, Northampton, &c. 7.20 a.m. London, Peterborough, Oundle, &c. 11.45 a.m. Northampton and North, &c. 6.40 p.m. London, Northampton, &c. 9.10 p.m.

Box closes 10 minutes before departure of each mail. Open on Sundays from 7 to 10 a.m.

Money Orders issued and paid from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays till 8 p.m.

Letters registered till 10 minutes before departure of mails.

Corporation - Joseph Darbysbire, esq. Mayor
St. Mary's Church
Rev. George Malim, M.A. vicar
Wesleyan Chapel
Rev. Charles E. Woolmer, minister
Grammar School
John Sanderson, master
Gas Works (Erected in 1855)
John Lewis, manager
Councillors Aldermen
C. Wyman
W. Spong
J. Spong
J. Sanders
T. Burgess
J. Lamb
Gr. Brown
O. Hawkes
J. Sanderson
J. Sargeant
T. Randall
T. Fleetham
T. Fisher
Henry Green, esq.
E. C. Bridgman, esq.
I J. Starling, esq.
James Spong, esq.
E. Lamb, esq.
G. Shelton, esq.
F. J. Cox, esq.

Traders, Tradesmen and Residents

Adcock, John S.

draper, agent to the Royal fire and life insurance office

Adcock, Miss Mary Ann


Adcock, Mr. William


Allen, Mrs. Mary


Allestree, Thomas B.

coach builder, &c.

Ashby, Charles

tailor and draper

Barnard, Joseph

grocer, &c.

Bayes, Mrs. James


Bird, Mrs. Sarah


Bridgman, Elias C.

maltster and baker

Brown, Charles


Brown, George

builder, &c.

Brown, Charles

tailor and draper

Brown, James

White Hart Inn

Brown, Joseph

brick manufacturer

Brown, William

draper, &c.

Burgess, Mrs. Ann


Burgess, Thomas


Chambers, Thomas


Chapman, John T.


Chapman, Thompson

Green Dragon commercial inn and posting house

Chapman, William


Chown, Robert


Cox, Frederick James


Darbyshire, Joseph

plumber, glazier, &c.

Denton, Elizabeth

retailer of beer, &c.

Dixon, Rev. Alexander, B.A.

curate, vicarage

Eland, Stephen E. esq.


Felce, Alfred

grocer, &c.

Felce, James

constable, Mayor's sergeant, bailiff, &c.

Felce, William


Felce, William


Fisher, Thomas

grocer, &c.

Flawn, John

boot and shoe manufacturer

Flintham, Thomas


Green, Henry

solicitor, and agent for Norwich Union fire office

Grindell, Mrs. Catherine

stationer, &c.

Groome, Abraham

boot and shoe manufacturer

Groome, John

boot and shoe manufacturer

Groome, Susan

Chequers inn

Hawkes, Christian

butcher and coal merchant

Hewitt, Levi

grocer, &c.

Johnson, John

agent to Hon. George W. Fitzwilliam

Johnson, Joseph

builder, carpenter, &c.

Lamb, Edmund


Lewis, John

gas manager

Lamb, Joseph

Queen's Head Inn,& farmer

Lord, James

saddler and harness maker

Malim, Rev. George, M.A.


Marriott, William

blacksmith, &c.

Miller, William

Griffin Inn

Noble, Robert

tinman and brazier

Pack, James


Pack, Mrs. Sarah


Pack, Samuel


Parker, Elizabeth

retailer of beer and porter

Parker, Mrs. Sarah

grocer and dealer in British wines

Parker, Owen and Co.

curriers, boot and shoe manufacturers

Parker, Samuel


Patenall, Abraham Thomas

stationer and hairdresser

Patenall, James

boot and shoe maker

Patenall, John

tailor and town crier

Randall, Thomas

boot and shoe manufacturer

Sanders, George

boot and shoe manufacturer

Sanders, John


Sanders, Thomas,

currier & leather cutter

Sanderson, James M.


Sanderson, John, 

Swan Inn, and coal merchant

Sanderson, John


Sargeant, James

White Horse Inn, and plumber, &c.

Sargent, John

coach maker, &c.

Shelton, John

grocer, and carrier to Wellingborough, &c.

Shelton, Edwin


Shelton, George

boot and shoe manufacturer

Smith, John


Smith, John


Spencer, Samuel

saddler and harness maker

Spong, James

draper, and stamp office

Spong, James, jun.


Spong, William


Starling, Thomas J.


Wignell, John

druggist and grocer

Woolmer, Rev. Charles E.

Wesleyan minister

Wyman, George


Wyman, Charles


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