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The Grape Vine Lodge of Free Gardeners

Rushden Echo, 6th December 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Grape Vine Lodge of Free Gardeners held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday in the B.W.T.A. Hall. Bro. Arthur T Simms was in the chair, supported by Bros. George Rogers (Deputy Chairman), G Kent, B Holloway and C Gomm (Lodge Trustees), Alfred Colton, William Wagstaff and W A Goosey. Although the attendance was not so good as in pre-war time, a good number of members were present, mostly quite young members, a sign that speaks well for the Lodge in the future if the young members maintain their interest in its welfare. Bro W A Goosey, District Senior Warden, gave a brief address on the need for greater interest in Lodge work, especially in building up the Lodge by securing new members and adding to the numbers of the flourishing juvenile branch. The Secretary (Bro. J Burt) gave a brief statement of the Lodge’s financial transactions, showing that in spite of the war, which had claimed 160 of its members in defence of the country, the Lodge was still holding its own.

During the war 29 of the members had paid the supreme price—five in 1915, seven in 1916, ten in 1917, and seven in 1918. The following were elected to office for next year: Bros. George Kent, Worthy Master; Geo Rogers, Deputy Master; A T Simms, Senior Warden; J Jackson, Junior Warden; R Holloway, Tyler; C Gomm and C Stokes, Sick Stewards; Mrs C Richardson, Stewardess for Juveniles and Adult Females. The Secretary explained that the Past Officers’ framed certificate, which it is customary to present to the retiring Master, had not come back from the framer, and would be presented at some future date.

The Rushden Echo, 18th February 1916, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Higham Free Gardeners
Roll Of Honour

The following members of the Grape Vine (Higham Ferrers) Lodge of Free Gardeners have been serving with the Colours:-

Charles Tailby

S. P. Houghton

Alfred Church

Edgar Driver

Isaac Fisher

A.H. Smith

Charles Holmes

H. H. Shimmell

J. J. Goosey

William S. Bird, kia

Frederick Boddington

William Parrott

Arthur A. Colton

Charles Blackwell

William E. Draper

George F. Bird

William Charles

Albert Russell

Sidney E. Cox

Arthur J. Hartwell

Frederick J. Hill

Walter Allen

Albert E. Hurst

William Maple

William A. Burgess

Harry Sawford

Cecil J. Boddington

Charles W. Stimpson

John Waite

Leonard Hodgkins

Harry York

Archie Line

George Miller

Frederick Houghton

Archie H. Driver

Arthur T. Lambert

Joseph H. B. Charles

Frederick T. Britten

William A. Wilson

Thomas Holloway

Dennis Pashler

Albert L. Bailey

Walter Baxter

Bernard Barnes

Frederick J. Lambert

Harry B. Draper

Frederick J. Maple

Ernest York

Edward Draper

John Edwin Robinson

Ernest L. Sanders

Fred Horner

Frederick J. Driver

Cecil Miller

Henry Bates

John E. Gomm

Thomas Hurst

Frederick J. Bradshaw

Edwin Ekins Bird

Reginald Twelvetree

William Haddon

Walter Turner

William G. Mitchell

George B. Wiggins

Archie L. Cowley

Ben Bone

William Coales, kia

Walter C. Hulatt

Percy Allen

Harold J. Moulton

Samuel R. Sawford

Sidney B. Binder

Frederick H. Harrison

William S. Webb

Sidney A. Boddington

Arthur E. Winter

Albert F. Dickenson

Ernest Tearle

Ernest E. Pack

Ernest J. Smith

Harold Cox

Leonard H. Newell

Horace A. Barnett

George Myers

Frank A. C. Espin

Charles Pearcey

Arthur E. Kennell

Percy R. Newell

Frederick C. Meeks

William J. Hodgkins

Ralph Caswell

John Rogers

Oswald C. Richardson

Horace Warner

Ernest Mitchell

Bertram J. Gomm

Arthur Bird, kia

W. R. Felce, kia

Herbert Felce, kia

Ernest Mayes

Peter Paul Newell

Clarence Wm. Mead

James H. Newell

kia = killed in action

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