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Health & Welfare - Snippets

Wellingborough & Kettering News 17/01/1890, transcribed by Peter Brown

THE EPIDEMIC—The influenza is very prevalent here, but we think in a mild form, although one firm has had 25 per cent on the sick list, most of them with the influenza.

Wellingborough & Kettering News 04/04/1890, transcribed by Peter Brown

VITAL STATISTICS—In the Higham Ferrers Registration district during the past quarter 112 births have occurred, 57 being males and 55 female. The deaths numbered 90, 31 being males and 59 females. 13 have died from whooping cough (all from Rushden), and from influenza 12, whilst two inquests have been held.

Wellingborough & Kettering News 03/10/1890, transcribed by Peter Brown

Vital Statistics—The births registered in the Higham Ferrers district for the past quarter numbered 135, and deaths 58. Of the deaths 14 were under one year of age, 33 under sixty, and 11 over sixty. Three died from whooping cough, two from diarrhoea, and one from scarlet fever. Inquests, five.

Rushden Echo, 17th August 1900, transcribed by Kay Collins

Vaccinations—The following is a corrected return of the vaccinations, £c., in the Higham Ferrers and Rushden district for the last half of 1899:- 386 births; 44 successfully vaccinated; 1 insusceptible; 36 deaths; 109 exemptions; 14 postponements; 42 removed; 140 unaccounted for.

Rushden Echo, 1st January 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

The First Pensioner to draw his old age pension at Higham Ferrers on Jan. 1st was Mr John Wilson, who entered the post office as soon as it was opened, at 8a.m. There are about 40 pensioners in the borough.

Rushden Argus, March 29th 1918, transcribed by Susan Manton

Appointment–We learn that Mr. A. E. Lloyd, sanitary inspector, of Higham Ferrers will temporarily act as an inspector of nuisances for Rushden pending the appointment of a regular inspector, Mr. Allen having obtained a berth under the Warwick Council.

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