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Rushden Echo, 2nd July 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

Outing—On Saturday the whole of the employees of Mr. Brazier’s carriage and motor works took their annual outing by journeying to Yarmouth. Leaving the L. and N.W. station at 5.10a.m., they arrived in Yarmouth at 8.55 and proceeded to the sea. Luncheon and tea were served at Goode’s during the day. Glorious weather prevailing, motor drives and steamer trips were indulged in, and a most enjoyable day was spent, the party arriving home at 12.15 midnight. One of the party, being so attracted by the sea, arrived too late at the station on the return journey, and accidentally got left behind. He got on the next train and by making a circular route from 9 o’clock on Saturday evening, he arrived in Higham Ferrers on Sunday evening, having spent some time in Coventry, Peterborough, and Northampton.

Rushden Argus, 22nd June 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Works Outings
On Thursday the Higham Ferrers Industrial Co-operative Society had an outing to Bedford by brakes supplied by Mr. Draper. Tea was enjoyed at the “Fox and Hounds,” and a pleasant time was spent on the river.

The Girls employed at Messrs. Charles Parker’s factory, Higham Ferrers, had an outing on Saturday to Bedford, where a very enjoyable time was spent.

The employees of Mr. W. N. Roberts, curriers, of Higham Ferrers, also had an outing on Saturday to Bedford and, with good weather, spent a nice holiday.

Rushden Echo, 13th July 1928, transcribed by Kay Collins

Treat—The annual treat in connection with the Wesleyan Methodist Church Sunday School was held last Saturday. Wicksteed Park was visited, the ’buses being supplied by the United Counties Omnibus Company. Tea was served in the park, and the children had a thoroughly good time with games and on the swings and other amusements. Among those present prior to departure of the children from Higham Ferrers was noticed the Rev R H Higson, a former superintendent minister at Higham Ferrers.

Forty-six members of the Higham Ferrers Co-operative Boot and Shoe Productive Society held their annual outing on Saturday. They left Higham by charabanc at 8a.m. and went to Coventry, Warwick, and Kenilworth, short stays being made at each place. At Leamington, the next place to be visited, a good time was spent. Tea was served by the Co-operative Society and at the tables complimentary speeches were made by Messrs W Smith (secretary of the society), H Wooding, E Tearle, and A Chaplin. On the way home halts were made at Daventry and Northampton. Mr Smith and a committee of the factory made the arrangements.

Rushden Echo, 24th July 1925, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham Factory Outing - An Interesting Day at Apethorpe – Results of Sports
The employees of Messrs A Sudborough and Son Ltd, boot manufacturers, held an outing on Saturday, when a delightful picnic programme was carried out. Leaving Higham Market-square at 8.15, the party (in charabancs) went to Oundle, going by way of Denford and Thrapston. At Oundle the old bridge, with stone inscription, and Laxton Schools were visited, half-an-hour being thus profitably spent. Leaving Oundle at 10.30, the company went on to Wansford, going on the Great North Road (London to York), the road famous for the ride of Dick Turpin).

The Castle (or rather, what remains of it) at Fotheringay was visited, this place, where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned for six months and then beheaded, arousing much interest. After this Apethortpe was the objective, and here the party had lunch in the Hall, after which, by kind permission of Sir Leonard Brassey, Bart., M.P., they went round the park and gardens, under the guidance of Mr Garrett, Sir Leonard’s head gardener. In a field, kindly lent, sports took place, followed by dancing. The results of the sports were: Tug-of-war (men), 1 Mr G Woodcroft’s team, 2 Mr O Jennings’ Team; three-legged race, 80yds., 1 Mr Whitney and Mr Simmonds, 2 Mr Wilby and Mr Whitney; egg-an-spoon race, 80yds., 1 Mr Whitney, 2 Mr Hartwell, 3 Mr Adams; egg-and-spoon race, 60 yds. (girls), 1 Miss Simmonds, 2 Miss E Tester, 3 Miss m Smith; balloon race, 60yds. (ladies), 1 Miss M Dungate, 2 Miss F Harlow, 3 Mrs Groom; egg-an-spoon race (married ladies), 1 Mrs Benford, 2 Mrs Maple, 3 Mrs Groom.

After the sports and dancing the party were entertained to a meat tea in the Village Hall by the firm, when there were also present Mr and Mrs H Sudborough, Mr and Mrs F A Sudborough, Mr Sinfield (agent of Sir Leonard Brassey), and Mr and Mrs Holloway, of Northampton. Mr J O Eaton moved the best of thanks to the proprietors, and Mr Sudborough briefly replied. Tea done, a move was made to Kingscliffe and Blatherwyke, where Mr H Stafford O’Brien had kindly consented for the party to visit the lake. Going to Weldon by way of Bulwick, the party arrived at 8.15 and made a stay of three-quarters of an hour. Sandwiches were served, and dancing again took place on the Green. At 10.30 Weldon was left for Geddington, and the party arrived home safely at midnight. All had had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The arrangements had all been made by Mr B W Benford and Mr E Smith.

Rushden Echo, 29th August 1930, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham Children’s Outing

Scholars of the Baptist Sunday School had their annual outing on Saturday, when they had a pleasant country tour to Kimbolton, Huntingdon and Keysoe, where tea was prepared by the Rev. and Mrs. E. Bishop, of the Baptist Church, and helpers. The party then journeyed to Bedford, where the remainder of the evening was spent on the river or in shopping. The Rev. T. W. Gill (pastor) accompanied the party, and Messrs S. L. Hunt and T. C. Woods made the arrangements.

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