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Wellingborough & Kettering News 14/02/1890, transcribed by Peter Brown

MAGISTERIAL — On Monday last before the Mayor (Mr. C. Parker), and Mr. G. Wyman, Joseph Horsfield, Jas. Bell Breary, Wm. Wagstaff, John Eaton, T. H. Partridge, and Edward Espin were charged under Sect. 29 of the Vaccination Act with not procuring the vaccination of their children. Defendants, who all declined to comply with the Act, were fined 1s. each and 8s. 6d. costs.—Thomas Judge, Charles Tester, and Chas. Payne, were summoned under Sect. 31 of the same Act. Judge said he should not have his children vaccinated, as they were in good health now, and as a parent it was his duty to try and keep them so. Payne did not think vaccination did any good, as in his own family there were eight of them all had small pox—some with fatal results—notwithstanding that they had all been vaccinated. But he did not think they could fine him, as he presented his child for vaccination, and Dr. Crew would not vaccinate it. The Act did not define what they were to be vaccinated with; he took some glycerine, but they refused to vaccinate the child, and he contended he had complied with the Act. His oldest boy was very healthy when a child, but after he was vaccinated he was never well or free from sores, and the doctors could not cure him. An order was made for the children of defendants to be vaccinated at the next public vaccination in March.

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