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The Higham Ferrers
Wartime Fire Brigade

The Higham Ferrers Wartime Fire Brigade, c.1942
Back row (L-R): R.Parker, V.Richardson, R.Lines, R.Turnock, A.Neville, G.Hunt, P.Dawkes, H.Freeman,
F.Robinson, W.Grant, E.Savage, A.White.
Third row: J.Cox, H.Essam, W.Thompson, R.Elliot, W.Dickenson, G.Warren, D.Quincey, T.Neville,
J.Minney, H.Matthews, A.Ward, R.Randall, B.Quincey, E.Allen.
Second row: E.Green, D.Johnson, M.Sabey, L.Mayo, S/L E.Jennings, E.Middleton, W.Dickerson,
M.Lines, R.Middleton, M.Turnock.
Front row: F.Webb, C.Eaton, G.Chaplin, A.Pack, W.Horsford, J.Pettit, H.Abbot, G.Cowley,
L.Burgess, J.Bunker.

Further information from Moyra Simmons:

At the outbreak of the War, members of the Higham Ferrers Voluntary Fire Brigade were joined by the conscripted members of the Auxiliary Fire Service, the combined force being part of the National Fire Service, active for the duration of the War.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the names of course, although I do recognise Reg Parker, top left-hand corner (coalman at Higham Co-op all his life), and who lived in Milton Street, and on the front row Freddie Webb from Wharf Road who played tennis with my parents.

Also on the front row and from the Wharf Road area are A.Pack, Len Burgess (who lived in Westfield Street) and J.Bunker (I think he lived in the Wharf Road area). Win Dickerson is also recognisable.

My interest in this photograph is Margaret Sabey, nee Pashler, who was related to the Simmons family.

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