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Villages - People

Various news reports about people that have come to hand.
There may be more items, relating to Rushden and a local village, in the
Rushden wedding reports index,and also several gift lists.

For Soldiers who died - see Villages War Memorials

Index of Names
11 Octogenarians Raunds birthday of Mr Enos Smith
Abbott brothers Ringstead service
Abbott, Mr J H Wollaston bandsman retires
Abington, Wm Rushden & Higham Ferrers poet
Abrams + Whiting family Rushden & Higham Ferrers
Adams - Ellwood Raunds wedding
Adams, Margaret Raunds maintenance
Ainge, Mr & Mrs Ringstead golden wedding
Allen, Mr & Mrs T Chelveston diamond wedding
Anderson, Mr John Wollaston 80 years old
Austin, John T Irchester & USA organ builder
Austin, Basil Irchester & USA prospector - Klondike
Austin - Darlow Rushden/Higham Ferrers wedding
Barker - Newell Stanwick wedding
Barnes - Smith Higham Ferrers & Rushden wedding
Bass Family Raunds family
Bates, Elizabeth Podington & Rushden family
Bates - Fairey Ringstead & Rushden wedding
Bates, H E Rushden & Higham Ferrers author 1905-1974
Bayes brothers Irchester war service
Benning, Frederick Yelden presentation
Bird - Hood Ringstead & Rushden wedding
Blott, William Higham Ferrers travel
Boddington, Mr Wm C Podington, Hinwick, Farndish postman retires
Bradshaw, Mr and Mrs Higham Ferrers golden wedding
Brawn, Roly
Braybrook, Donald Higham Ferrers D.F.C.
Britton Family Bozeat serving in WWI
Brown, Mrs E Irchester WWI poem
Brown - Gilbert Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Bryn - Silby Bozeat wedding
Burton, Mrs Mary Higham Ferrers poem
Button - Welch Higham Ferrers wedding
Camozzi, Mrs J W Raunds music exams
Carpenter - Goosey Raunds & Rushden wedding
Church - Day Wymington wedding
Claridge - Sudborough Higham Ferrers wedding
Clark family
Clark, Reuben Yelden baptist
Clarke, Thomas Coleman
Cobley, Alfred Ringstead & Kansas letter
Coles - Hewlitt Bozeat wedding
Coley family Wymington soldiers
Colson - Lucy Rushden & Wollaston wedding
Colton, Mr & Mrs Arthur Higham Ferrers golden wedding

Compton – Parratt

Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Copperwheat, D Rushden and Raunds George Cross awarded
Craxton, Stephen Bozeat gardener aged 94
Crew, Dr Higham Ferrers doctor
Cross, Mr E Higham Ferrers presentation
Cross, Mr & Mrs John
Rushden (of Podington)
diamond wedding
Curtis - Walker Bozeat wedding
Daniels, Mr & Mrs H Higham Ferrers silver wedding
Daniels, Mr T Higham Ferrers coming-of-age
Dam family
Darlison, Mr Wymington retires
Dawson, Serving Sister Irchester award
Dennis, Cpl Jn Knotting Green MM
Denton, Mrs Higham Ferrers ill
Denton - Brown Wollaston wedding
Desherhaut - Vliegen Raunds/Rushden/Belgium wedding
Dickens - Brown Irchester wedding
Dix, Frederick W Raunds skater
Dix - Smith Rushden & Raunds wedding
Downing, R J Higham Ferrers postmaster
Drage, Pte. C N Bozeat MM
Drage, John Bozeat shoe manufacturer
Driver family Chelveston
Eady, Mr R & Mrs Raunds golden wedding
Edmunds - Vorley Raunds wedding
Ellis Rushden & Podington wedding
Evans - Baxter Chelveston & Raunds wedding
Fairey, Pte George Irchester M.M.
Fall, Mr A P Yelden postman
Felce, Pte Fred Higham Ferrers war experiences
Fox - Childs Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Fox - Sansom Higham Ferrers journey to Canada
Fuller brothers Wymington WWI
Fuller, Jean Overton Wymington biography 1915-2009
Fuller, J W Wymington mentioned in despatches

Furness - Howells

Wymington wedding
Garley, H Irchester chief fire officer
Gates Brothers Raunds wounded
George - Foskett Rushden & Irchester wedding
Goosey, Mr & Mrs T Rushden & Irchester golden wedding
Green, Percy Wollaston medal & bar
Groome - Smith Raunds wedding + gift list

Groom – Lawrence

Raunds wedding
Haddon, Helen Higham Ferrers Serving Sister
Harper, Nurse Ringstead and Wollaston nurse
Harris - James Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Haxley - Groom Raunds golden wedding
Higby brothers Raunds war service
Hill, Mr G Berkeley Wollaston trip to New Zealand
Hill, Mr J Wollaston wedding
Hodgskins Family Yelden family

Holloway - Swingler

Rushden & Irchester wedding
Horner, Gill Hargrave MBE
Horrell, Mr & Mrs J Higham Ferrers & Raunds golden wedding
Houghton C Higham Ferrers discharged soldier
Houghton, Mr & Mrs Elijah Rushden & Higham Ferrers golden wedding
Houghton, Eliza Knotting lacemaker
Howe, Miss P Irchester life saver
Hudson, Pte R G Stanwick MM
Hustwaite, George Rushden & Higham Ferrers headmaster 21 years
Hustwaite, Percy Higham Ferrers gymnastic instructor
Jeffkins Raunds golden wedding
Johnson, Mr & Mrs Bozeat golden wedding
Jolley - Doble Higham Ferrers marriage
Jolley Higham Ferrers memorial found
Lack - Sharman Higham Ferrers wedding
Lake - Hart Rushden & Wymington wedding
Laughton, Mr & Mrs Samuel Irchester diamond wedding
Laughton, Thomas Wymington 'Round House Tom'
Lee, Mr & Mrs George Raunds golden wedding
Leeding - Watford Knotting & Rushden wedding
Lewis, Mr F Wymington horse fell with cart
Lewis, John Podington/Rushden electricty worker
Liggins, Mrs H Stanwick thanks
Loakes, Sgt. F. W. Wollaston MM
Lockie, Mr Ringstead shoemaker
Lovell Higham Ferrers diamond wedding
Malim, Rev George Warcup Higham Ferrers deceased
Manning family Ringstead family
Mansbridge, C A Stanwick Croix de Guerre
Marriott, R. S. Higham Ferrers B.E.M.
Mee family Rushden & Higham Ferrers family
Meadows - Bird Hinwick & Rushden wedding
Middleton girls Higham Ferrers school attendance
Miller, E S P Wymington school memories
Moore - Barringer Rushden & Irchester wedding
Mooring, Ida M Bozeat poetess
Moulton, L/Cpl Edward Higham Ferrers army teaching award
Neal, Jack Higham Ferrers postman
Newell family Stanwick May Queen?
Newell, Mr Z Higham Ferrers retirement
Newman, Mr & Mrs George Wollaston golden wedding
Norman, Alfred G A Podington, Rushden, Bombay newspaper editor
Osbourn - Wykes Irchester wedding
Pack Family & Ivy Boot Works Higham Ferrers history
Pack - Smith
Rushden & Higham Ferrers
Parker, Fred Higham Ferrers golden wedding
Parker, Owen, M.P. Higham Ferrers welcome home
Parker, Robert Higham Ferrers pardon
Parsons - Denton Rushden & irchester wedding
Parsons, Edward Irchester will
Patchett family Wollaston 4 generations
Patenall, Ald H R Higham Ferrers St John Ambulance/mayor
Patenall, Mrs Higham Ferrers O.B.E.
Patenall, Thomas Rushden & Higham Ferrers J.P. & mayor
Pendered - Draper Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Perkins - Dickenson Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Powell family Higham Ferrers family
Powell, P.C. Higham Ferrers retires
Pulpher, Miss Raunds temperance
Quincey - Harris Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding

Rae – Warner

Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Randall, E B, J.P. Higham Ferrers biography
Randall, E B Stanwick stanwick mill
Reynolds Rushden & Wymington memories
Rice - Palmer Wollaston wedding
Rice - Shortland Rushden & Raunds wedding
Richardson - Buckle Raunds & Rushden wedding
Riddle - Waller Rushden & Irchester wedding
Rippin, Mrs Higham Ferrers chimney sweep
Rivett, Mr Charles Wollaston poet
Rivett, Mr. James Podington & USA retirement
Roberts, George Ringstead shoemaker
Roberts, Paul Raunds memories
Robinson - Lilley Rushden & Irchester wedding
Robinson, Frank Horace Ringstead prisoner of war
Rogers, William Yelden oldest inhabitant
Rowe, Floyd USA & Wymington memories of
Rowney - Tester Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
Sanders, Ald. Thomas Higham Ferrers currier
Scroxton - Clark Rushden & Stanwick wedding
Shaw, George Raunds basket-maker
Shelmerdine, Mr & Mrs Raunds teachers
Short-Smith & Haddon-Smith Rushden & Higham Ferrers double wedding
Shouler, Dennis W Wollaston & Rushden shop manager
Simpson, Mrs Elizabeth Higham Ferrers M.B.E.
Simpson - Browning Rushden/Higham Ferrers wedding
Simpson, Mary Helen Irchester and Chelveston M.B.E.
Simpson, William Hirst Higham Ferrers B.A., solicitor
Skinner, Wm Raunds & Rushden musician
Smeathers - Winsor Rushden & Wymington wedding
Smith, Pte. A H Knotting soldier
Smith Boys Irchester soldiers
Smith, Mr Enos Raunds birthday
Smith, James Wymington 25 years organist
Smith, J W Rushden & Wymington wedding
Spong, Walter Higham Ferrers farmer deceased
Stapleton - Harrison Bozeat cancelled wedding
Swinn, Mr & Mrs S Bozeat diamond wedding
Taylor, Joseph Bozeat settlement
Townsend, Pte Higham Ferrers experiences
Twelvetree, Fred Newton Bromswold/Higham F fireman
Tyler, Mr & Mrs J Irchester golden wedding
Upton Family Rushden and Higham Ferrers
Upton, Solomon Higham Ferrers mayor
Upton - Winter Higham Ferrers wedding
Underwood - Woods Rushden & Knuston wedding
Walden, James Irchester assaulted?
Walker Family Higham Ferrers
Walker, Mr and Mrs E Higham Ferrers silver wedding
Walker - Bates Rushden & Raunds wedding
Ward Family Rushden/Wollaston/Knuston tomb
Wlker - Robins Rushden/Canada/Irchester wedding
Webb - Clark Rushden & Higham Ferrers wedding
West of Wymington
West of Podington
Whiting + Abrams family Rushden & Higham Ferrers
Whitney, Pte C W Raunds wounded
Wilding - Desborough Wymington wedding
Wilson, Mr & Mrs J Higham Ferrers golden wedding
Wood, Rev John Rushden & Wymington
Wood, Edward Rushden/Yelden artist
Wright, Joan Higham Ferrers hockey player
Wright - Church Rushden & Wymington wedding
York - Barker Stanwick wedding + gift list

For some Ringstead biographies see website by David Ball at

see also Soldiers' Notes

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