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Yelden - the old bridge Yelden village - old signpost Yelden - the Old Chequers
The Old Bridge
The Old Village Signpost
The Old Chequers

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History Land & Farming
A brief History Grass Sale 1921
Village Overview - 1970 Robot Sets Potatoes 1948
Then and Now Agricultural Labourers' Meeting 1914
The Castle
Yelden Open Fields People & Familes & Memories
Benchmarks Poem 1703 - Thomas Williamson
Listed Buildings Archie L Cowley M.M.
Yelden in the 1930s - Don Annis
Church Don Annis - a poem - My Young Days
The Church
Barbara Smith and others c1947
Parish Registers Snippets
Church Fetes "It Stinks!" - Sewage problem in 1974
Harvest Festival Wagstaff - Wagstaff wedding 1914
Some Vestry Notes Index of Obituaries - villages
Guides Index of People - villages

Some Yelden Obituaries
Methodist Chapel Walter Phillips
Nonconformists - mainpage

Education The Old Chequers
Gifts from USA Forces 1944
The School The Village Halls

Hoare's Farm 1910
Genealogy Sale 1917
Census Statistics
Census Introduction Sales
Census Indexes
Removals 1830
Freeman Removal Valuations & Taxation
Trade Directories 1671 Hearth Tax
Wills Index
1927 Valuations
Accidents Wedding Anniversaries
Mr. Fenton - 1917 Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Wicks 1948

Mr. and Mrs. A G Childs 1941
Court Reports 1882 War & Wartime
Events Roll of Honour
Outings Soldiers Notes
Annual Tea 1928 Wartime - notes WWI
British Legion Fete 1931
Remembrance Day
Scrambles British Legion
Red Cross Fund
Fires Plane Crash - 1944
Windmill 1881
Bottom Farm 1901 Bedfordshire Villages
Manor Farm 1918 Newsclips

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