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Woodhead & Linnitt
Edgar Linnitt
Photographers - 128 High Street

Edgar Linnitt began as an assistant to Samuel Powell. In 1906 Edgar played cricket for the Thursday Cricket Club. He lived at 25 Gordon Terrace in 1910. Samuel Powell retired after his wife died in 1917, and Edgar Linnitt, MPPA, took over the business.
The shop in 1924
The shop in 1924

He traded with Norman Woodhead, for a short time, but Norman left in May 1918 to go to South Africa, having been discharged from the army.

The Rushden Echo, 2nd March 1917


Woodhead and Linnitt

Late S Powell

128 High Street, Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 3rd May 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Casualty List — Owing to a serious affection of the right lung, contracted during Service with the Colours, Mr Norman Woodhead, of the firm of Messrs Woodhead & Linnitt, photographers, of Rushden, has been discharged from the Army.

Mr Woodhead had been doing excellent service in the X-Ray Department, and the radium used in the photography has had a prejudicial effect upon his lungs. He has been ordered abroad by his doctor, and we understand he is going to South Africa.

Rushden Argus, May 3rd 1918, transcribed by Susan Manton

An X-Ray Victim - Mr. N. Woodhead, of the firm of Messrs. Woodhead and Linnitt, photographers of Rushden, has been discharged from His Majesty's Service owing to ill health contracted while doing splendid service in the X Ray Dept. the commanding officer has written a very high appreciation of Mr. Woodhead's skill and devotion to duty and wishes him a good recovery. We learn that the radium used in the photography has seriously affected Mr. Woodhead's lungs and that he is ordered abroad by his medical man.

1918 invoice
receipt 1918
Two invoices of Woodhead & Linnitt 1918

The July 1918 receipt (right) was printed "Edgar Linnitt photographer Rushden".



Edgar Linnitt continued to trade at 128 High Street until his retirement in 1945.

Alfred Thomas Watson in the regalia of a Knight Templar
Alfred Thomas Watson
in his regalia as a Knight Templar.
[Photo hand-coloured by his sister
Helen, who worked for Edgar Linnitt]

photo wallett
phot wallet
Edgar Linnitt Photo Wallet

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