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Extracted from a booklet “The first 100 years” – Totectors
Andrew Corby -1888

Mr Andrew Corby started work for B Denton & Son when he was just 11 years old and became a foreman some 25 years later. His untimely death on Feb 1st 1888 followed an accident when he was adjusting the strap driving the splitting machine, which tore off his arm below the elbow.

He had been a deacon at the Old Baptist Meeting, was High Steward of the Vestry Hall Benefit Club, a vice president of Rushden Temperance Society and an esteemed local preacher.

He was buried in the Old Baptist Burial Ground in Little Street on Feb 4th 1888.

“His life was true, his soul sincere,

He trod “the valley” without fear,

His soul was fixed on high;

God grant his life and death may give,

To us, the secret how to live,

And teach us how to die”

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