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Band of Hope - Higham Ferrers

Wellingborough News, 28th October 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

The annual meeting of this Society was held on Wednesday last. A tea was provided in the Wesleyan Schoolroom, Higham, which was numerously attended by the members of the district, including representatives from the societies in connection with Higham Ferrers Church and the Wesleyan Chapel; Rushden Old Baptist, Succoth, Independent Wesleyan, and the General Temperance Society. The Irthlingborough and Finedon representatives were prevented from attending by the floods near Higham Ferrers Station.

After the tea, a meeting for the transaction of business was provided over by the Rev. E. Templeman, the president. After the usual devotional exercises, the Chairman, in opening the meeting, said that it was not necessary for him to say much about the Union, as so many present were so well informed, and had worked so well for it. Some time since there was the Northamptonshire Temperance Union, that had done so much for many of them—and he did not think it right to forget old institutions that had done good, any more than old friends—but now the Northamptonshire Temperance Union was amalgamated with the Northampton Band of Hope Union, and this joint union had district unions in affiliation like the one they represented. This drew the different societies together, one of the chief advantages being the visiting of the different societies, and although through the pressure of engagements he could not always attend as he should like, yet he would do what he could, and he hoped all who had joined would do the same to further the objects of the Union. He then called upon the treasurer to submit his financial statement, from which it appeared that the total income, including a balance at the commencement of the year, amounted to £26 8s. 1d., and the expenditure to £11 2s. 4d., leaving a balance in the hands of the treasurer of £15 5s. 9d. The accounts were passed as read. Mr. T. Cunnington, as secretary, gave a very interesting report, in which he said that the union was formed for the purpose of binding together and stimulating the different societies to greater effort, and this, he believed, had been accomplished by the system of visiting adopted. He thought very often the visitors were as much or more benefited than the bands. The branch union consisted of seven societies and 869 members; 194 of these were senior or members over 16 years of age and one society did not have senior members but drafted all into the Temperance Society at that age, so that they had a larger number than shown by the figures. There had been an increase in all the societies during the year, but the most at Irthlingborough. Referring to the summer excursion, he said it had been a great, success. Over 1,200 were taken by it, and a net gain of £14 was realised. The report was passed, as was also a vote of thanks to the officers by acclamation. The meeting next proceeded to elect the officers for the ensuing year as follows:— President, the Rev. E. Templeman; vice-presidents, Messrs. James Bull, E. Claridge, and S. Pack. Mr. Thomas Cunnington declined to take the secretaryship again, and Mr. B. Vorley was elected in his place. Mr. C. Cunnington was re-elected treasurer, as were Messrs. R. P. Payne and Abbott as auditors. On the motion of Mr. F. Vorley, seconded by J. Pack, it was resolved to vote £3 as prizes to the Band of Hope competitive examination, to be given as the committee think best. It was also resolved to engage for dissolving views instead of lectures during the winter, and that another excursion be arranged for next summer. This concluded the business.

The following programme of songs, &c., was then given in capital style:—Recitation, "Grand Crusade for old Freedom," Mr. Button; part song, company; part song, Succoth Band of Hope; recitation, "Intemperance" Mr. B. Vorley; song, Miss Bull; recitation, "A City Tale," Miss E. Clarke; song, Miss Tye; recitation, Mr. J. Bland; duet, Misses Howell and Smith; part song, Succoth Band of Hope; recitation, Annie Parker; song, company. The meeting closed with the Doxology.

Wellingborough News, 2nd December 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

BAND OF HOPE—On Wednesday evening the Irthlingborough Wesleyan Band of Hope gave an entertainment to the Higham Wesleyan Band of Hope, a good number attending to hear the visitors. The chair was occupied by Mr. Abbott, and recitations, songs and dialogues were given, and suitable addresses by the chairman and other friends. At the close the usual votes of thanks were given.

Wellingborough News, 17th February 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

HIGHAM FERRERS BAND OF HOPE—On Thursday 18th, the members of the Rushden Succoth Band of Hope in accordance with the arrangements of the Northamptonshire Band of Hope Union gave an entertainment to the members of the Church of England Band of Hope in the Bede House, Higham, to a large audience, who thoroughly appreciated the performance, and the usual vote of thanks was accorded to the visitors.

Wellingborough News, 7th July 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

TRIP TO YARMOUTH—The Higham Ferrers and District Band of Hope Union had their annual seaside trip to Yarmouth on Monday last, when upwards of 1,200 were taken in two trains from Higham Station, and thanks to Mr. Woodward and his subordinates, ably assisted by the officers of the Bands of Hope, this very large number were started at 5.30, without any mishap. The party was increased at Ringstead, Thrapston, and Oundle, and the weather being fine a pleasant day was spent.

Sudden Death at Temperance Fete 1884

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