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Wartime - Tribunals
See under Rushden for more about Appeals Tribunals

The Argus, 16th February 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham Ferrers Appeals

There were six appeals from decisions of the Higham Ferrers Tribunal, which were adjudicated upon as follows:

Walter Herbert Draper, Feb 28th (final); Fred Silas Holman, March 9th (final); and Chas. E. Saunders, Roland Cox, John Wm. Holyoak (aged 27), and Jas. Hy. Cadd (34), March 31st (final). The last two men are hairdressers, the only two left in Higham Ferrers. Mr. W. W. James (Wellingborough) appeared for Holyoak and Mr. A. J. Darnell (Northampton) for Cadd. Holyoak superintends a business for his brother in Rushden, and Cadd breeds carrier pigeons for the Government.

Sir Ryland D. Adkins, M.P., joined the court.

Rushden Echo, 2nd March 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Conscientious Objector―At the Northants Appeals Tribunal on Friday last William Henry Sharman, of Chelveston-road, Higham Ferrers, a clicker, 27 years of age, single, made an appeal as a conscientious objector. Mr A J Darnell, solicitor, appeared for the appellant, who was employed at the Co-operative Boot Productive Society’s factory, where he had earned 42/10½ a week. He has now secured work of national importance in timber felling at Harleston Firs, Northampton.—Exemption from military service was granted him while he remains in the same employment.

Rushden Echo, 7th September 1917

Conscientious ObjectorAt the County Appeals Tribunal on Tuesday, George Wagstaff, shoe operative, Higham Ferrers, a conscientious objector, appealed against the decision of the Local Tribunal exempting him from non-combatant service only. He said he objected to non-combatant service, as it would compromise his principles, but he would do work of national importance, preferably on the land.―The case was adjourned for a month to enable Wagstaff to find work of national importance to the satisfaction of the County Tribunal.

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