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Wartime - Higham Ferrers
See under Rushden for more about Appeals Tribunals

Rushden Echo, 23rd October 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham Ferrers
Special Constables for Higham, Rushden, Irthlingborough, and Stanwick district assembled to the number of about 60 in the cricket field on Sunday morning for marching drill. Captain Jackson, of Wellingborough, was in command, and Inspector Bailey was present. Captain Jackson expressed himself as being quite satisfied with the progress shown.

The Mayoress (Mrs T Patenall) has arranged for Belgian Day to be celebrated at Chelveston, Stranwick, Yelden, and Newton Bromshold on the same day as at Higham Ferrers—tomorrow (Saturday).

Rushden Athletic beat Higham Band Club on Tuesday by 29 – 25 in a cribbage league match.

Rushden Echo, 2nd April 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Citizen Soldiers Inspected – The Volunteer Movement

A general inspection of the Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, and Finedon companies of the National Volunteer Training Corps was held on Sunday in the recreation Ground, Higham Ferrers, by Col. Fawcett. Commandant H. Dulley, officer in charge of the Wellingborough and District Battalion, was also present. The Rushden company were headed by the Rushden Rifle Band, and a drum and bugle brigade accompanied the Irthlingboro’ and Finedon companies. The officers in command of the various companies were:- Commanders R. F. Knight and G. R. Turner (Rushden, F. W. Margetts (Higham), A. G. Henfrey (Finedon), and E. S. Lilley (Irthlingborough). Col. Fawcett, we understand, expressed himself as satisfied with the registers.

Rushden Echo, 7th May 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Soldiers Arrive at Higham Ferrers - To be Billeted at Rushden and Higham

The advance guard, about 170 strong, of the 1st Welsh Regiment, arrived in Higham this afternoon by the 2.10 train. They are the first complement of a company of 3,000 who are to be billeted in Rushden and Higham Ferrers.

Rushden Echo, 20th October 1916

Newton Bromswold - A Balloon descended in a field in the Newton-road leading from Higham on Tuesday, the aeronaut proving to be Warrant Officer Chippendale, of the R.N.A.S. The envelope and observation basket were packed up and despatched from Higham Ferrers by the 7.35p.m. train.

The Rushden Echo, 16th February 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mrs Rippin, of Higham Ferrers, is doing good war work, for, although nearing 60 she helps on the land and acts as chimney sweep, and can be a ‘handy man’ in other ways in an emergency.

The Argus, 16th February 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham Ferrers Appeals

There were six appeals from decisions of the Higham Ferrers Tribunal, which were adjudicated upon as follows:

Walter Herbert Draper, Feb 28th (final); Fred Silas Holman, March 9th (final); and Chas. E. Saunders, Roland Cox, John Wm. Holyoak (aged 27), and Jas. Hy. Cadd (34), March 31st (final). The last two men are hairdressers, the only two left in Higham Ferrers. Mr. W. W. James (Wellingborough) appeared for Holyoak and Mr. A. J. Darnell (Northampton) for Cadd. Holyoak superintends a business for his brother in Rushden, and Cadd breeds carrier pigeons for the Government.

Sir Ryland D. Adkins, M.P., joined the court.

Rushden Echo, 2nd March 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Conscientious Objector―At the Northants Appeals Tribunal on Friday last William Henry Sharman, of Chelveston-road, Higham Ferrers, a clicker, 27 years of age, single, made an appeal as a conscientious objector. Mr A J Darnell, solicitor, appeared for the appellant, who was employed at the Co-operative Boot Productive Society’s factory, where he had earned 42/10½ a week. He has now secured work of national importance in timber felling at Harleston Firs, Northampton.—Exemption from military service was granted him while he remains in the same employment.

Rushden Echo, 7th September 1917

Conscientious ObjectorAt the County Appeals Tribunal on Tuesday, George Wagstaff, shoe operative, Higham Ferrers, a conscientious objector, appealed against the decision of the Local Tribunal exempting him from non-combatant service only. He said he objected to non-combatant service, as it would compromise his principles, but he would do work of national importance, preferably on the land.―The case was adjourned for a month to enable Wagstaff to find work of national importance to the satisfaction of the County Tribunal.

EllaRushden Argus, 19th October 1917

Our Lady Farmers

The young lady in this picture, Miss Ella Felce, daughter of Mrs. M. E. Felce, of 43 Grove-street, Higham Ferrers, has been doing farm work for Mr. Eady Robinson, of Walnut Tree Farm, for the past eighteen months, and is now quite expert in her manifold duties. Miss Felce, who was only just over 17 when she started to do her bit, commenced milking without previous training, and is now engaged in milking and feeding cows, feeding calves, pigs, and clearing out and driving cattle to market. Her two brothers have been with the colours two years.

Rushden Echo, 26th October 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Special Constables of Higham Ferrers, at the drill in Spencer Park, Rushden, on Sunday morning, made pleasing presentations to Capt. H W Jackson, of Wellingborough, and to Inspector Osborne, of the Rushden Police Force. Mr W Chamberlain said that a number of the Special Constables were soon joining up, and they did not want to leave the Special Police Force without showing how very much they appreciated the kindness of Capt. Jackson, and his work on their behalf. They had, therefore, had a photograph of the company taken, enlarged, and framed, which they desired to present to the Captain. The men were deeply grateful for the time and trouble Capt. Jackson had expended on their behalf to train them. This experience would greatly assist those who were joining up, and would be of permanent value to the older men. Capt. Jackson had shown all a splendid example, and had won their esteem and respect. He had great pleasure in asking Capt. Jackson to accept.

Rushden Echo, 23rd November 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Concert was given in the Band Club Hall on Monday by the Raunds St Crispin Pierrot Troupe, assisted by “The Eight Tiny Tots”, under the management of Mrs Camozzi. There was a crowded audience, and the splendid sum of £10 3s. 9d. was raised in aid of the V.A.D. Hospital. Councillor F Walker moved a vote of thanks to the St Crispin Troupe, the Tiny Tots, and to Mrs Camozzi, which was carried with applause. The local committee comprised the Mayoress (Mrs T Patenall), Mrs Frank Walker, Mrs R Saxby, Mrs F W Margetts and Miss Joll. The programme was a very enjoyable one. At a meeting last night, it was decided, on the suggestion of the committee, to devote £5 to the V.A.D. Hospital and £5 to the Soldiers’ Christmas Parcels Fund.

The Rushden Echo Friday 3rd May 1918, transcribed by Susan Manton

The Live Pig, which was recently offered by Mr. William Brown and Mr. J. W. Randall for the competition in aid of the Red Cross Funds, has not been claimed. On Wednesday, therefore, it was killed and the carcase sold. The competition raised no less a sum than £70, including the sale of the carcase. The winning number was in a book of tickets sold at Wellingborough and it is probable that the winning ticket was bought by one of the soldiers billeted there and that he has either been moved elsewhere or has lost his ticket.

Rushden Echo, 23rd August 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham Ferrers Feast – Another Wartime Holiday
Once again Higham Ferrers Feast is being celebrated under war-time conditions, and the hope was freely expressed that before the Feast of 1919 victory will be achieved and peace proclaimed. Mr Charles Thurston, the famous amusement caterer, is again to the fore. His attractions, including the motor roundabouts, were largely patronised on Saturday afternoon and evening, and there were cocoanut shies, rifle ranges, penalty kicks, and other amusements, whilst an opportunity of “kicking the Kaiser” was given to all and sundry, many people taking advantage of the chance of a kick at the All-Highest with a vigour which showed the depth of their feelings of animosity to the provoker of the war. The Green Dragon field was again splendidly patronised on Feast Monday, and a good number of people have visited the fair ground during the week.

On Feast Sunday there was a large influx of people into the town, many folks from the neighbouring parishes paying their annual visit to their relatives and friends in the ancient and honourable borough. The Feast ground will remain open until to-morrow (Saturday) evening.

The annual fete and sports in aid of the Club’s Blind and Crippled Children’s Fund, together with a forget-me-not day, was held on Saturday last at Higham Ferrers. The sports were held in the field at the back of the station, kindly lent by Mr Jury. The judges for the sports were: Ald T Patenall (Mayor), and Messrs F D Brazier, A Sudborough, T F B Newberry, and A Longland. The Mayoress (Mrs Patenall) kindly consented to judge the hat-trimming competition for the wounded soldiers, and the contest proved very successful and amusing. The sale of forget-me-nots was also very successful, realising £13 5s 0d. The prizes for the highest amount in collecting boxes with forget-me-nots were won by Misses Thompson and Abrams. Miss Eaton was also awarded a prize in connection with her doll-guessing competition, which realised £2 3s 9d, the name Clementina not being guessed, and the prize which was unclaimed, was handed to the fund. There were also penalty kicks and a skittles competition, which was won by Mr T Barcock (16). The Higham Wesleyan Band paraded the borough during the afternoon, and together with the Rushden Rifle Band, played for dancing.

Mr A Haddon, chairman of the Blind and Crippled Children’s Fund, and Mr Baker, representing Mr H Thomson (the hon. sec), were in attendance and gave very valuable assistance. The sports were handicapped by Mr F Draper, the starter being Mr J Wilson. Mr F D Brazier very successfully auctioneered rabbits, boots and peas. The whole proceedings proved a great success financially. The sports results were:

Boys, ages 7 to 10—1 H Colton, 2 Tew, 3 Butt, 4 R Tandy.
Girls, aged 7 to 10—1 A Burditt, 2 E Attley, 3 E Green, 4 M Stokes.
Boys, ages 10 to 14—1 H Holmes, 2 G Marriott, 3 J Eaton.
Girls, ages 10 to 14—1 W Keep, 2 F Barcock, 3 E Marriott.
50 yards Dash—1 C Draper, 2 B Wallis, 3 A Burditt, 4 A Neal.
Hat-trimming competition for wounded soldiers—1 Pte Healer, 2 Pte Quinn, 3 Pte Wright, 4 Pte Keys.
Veterans’ walk, one mile—1 Knight, 2 G Goodman, 3 A Burditt.
Rushden Echo, 13th December 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

War prisoners who have arrived home include Seaman James Lambert, of Rushden (son of the late Mr Joseph Lambert, of Higham Ferrers), Ptes. Charles Brown (son of Mr George Brown of Kimbolton-road), F Knight (College-street), Hartwell (son of Mr J W Hartwell, of Market-square), Frank Tandy (son of Mr Robert Tandy, of Grove-street), and Arthur Neville, of Grove-street.

Rushden Echo, 17th January 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

The final meeting of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Christmas Parcels Fund was held on Wednesday week, when it was reported that the net profits from the whist drives was £13 0s. 0d. The balance sheet showed total receipts £179 0s. 9d. It was reported that the men who had been overseas had each received the sum of 10s. and the home service men 6s. The numbers of service men were reported to as follows: France 138, Egypt 30, other theatres 32, in England but served overseas 55, home service 65, sailors on high seas 15, discharged soldiers 35.

Rushden Echo, 14th February 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

HONOUREDMrs. E. Pack, of the Higham Ferrers V.A.D. Hospital, is amongst those whose names have been brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for War by the Chairman of the Joint War Committee of the British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, for valuable services rendered in connection with the war.

STAFF NURSE SISTER Florence Hilda Colton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Colton, of York-road, Higham Ferrers, who has been nursing in a hospital in France, has been home on leave, and has now returned to France.

Extract from Northamptonshire County Council
Annual Reports of the Medical Officer of Health
A Wartime Nursery — Peverel Nursery Centre, Wharf Road, was opened on 17th August 1942 with provision for 20 children. It closed 19th Mach 1946.

Rushden Echo, 8th January 1943, transcribed by Kay Collins

Americans Treat Higham Children
Two hundred children, sons and daughters of British Legion members and Service men, spent an enjoyable evening at Higham Ferrers on Saturday, the occasion being the annual British Legion children’s treat.

After eating a good tea at the Methodist School, the children were entertained by Mrs Olga Stevens’s dancing troupe from Rushden, the “Spice of Life” concert party from Kettering, and Mr Joe Keller, the blind accordionist. Three American soldiers led community singing and presented the guests with sweets, peanuts and biscuits. Each child also received a gift of threepence from the British legion.

Legion Presentation to Retiring Secretary
During the evening Mr Frank H Pridmore, secretary of the British Legion Men’s Section, was presented with a valuable Westminster chime clock in recognition of his excellent service to the branch. Mr Pridmore, who is resigning from office, has been an officer for 25 years, and was the first chairman when the branch was formed in 1921. He was elected secretary in 1928 and is being succeeded by Mr E Alderman, who has recently been discharged from the Army. The presentation was mad by the president, Mr A Sudborough.

Tea was served by Mrs S Hartwell, Mrs S D Rieley, Mrs F H Pridmore, Mrs F Amos, Mrs F Felce, Mrs C Whiteman, Mrs H Blackwell, Mrs G Burditt, Mrs Tester and Mrs W Webb.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 4th August 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Big Haul—“To help his daddy in the R.A.F. and his sister Barbara in the W.A.A.F.,” Peter Dennis Chettle, aged nine years, of 1 Westfield-street, Higham Ferrers, brought 3,900 milk bottle tops to our office. These had taken him about seven weeks to collect.

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