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Rushden Motor Ambulance Association

Rushden Echo 30 Nov 1928

The Rushden and District Motor Ambulance Association are purchasing a new motor-ambulance at a cost of £450. The association will find £100, and the local Trades Hospital Fund Committee have generously given £250, leaving a balance of £100, which it is hoped will be raised before the vehicle is delivered.

Will all those who do not contribute to this worthy cause through the Trades Hospital Fund, or other district organisations, please forward a donation to the secretary, Mr. T. E. Wigginton, 26, Higham-road, Rushden, or to the Editor of The Rushden Echo?

All donations will be acknowledged through these columns.         

Previously acknowledged 
Women's Co-operative Guild 
Tecnic Boot Company's Benevolent Fund

Rushden Echo, 23rd March 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Ambulance Division
Mr T Swindall Resigns the Superintendency – Members’ Tribute

The annual meeting of the Rushden St John Ambulance Division was held at the Ambulance headquarters on Tuesday. Mr F Knight, J.P. (president), occupied the chair, supported by Dr Davies (hon. surgeon), Lady Superintendent Miss Cave, of the Nursing Division, Nursing Officer Miss Clipson, Supt. Marshall Bailey, M.C., Sergt. B Gray (secretary), Staff-Sergt. Prigmore, Messrs T Swindall, J.P., B Ladds, B M Jones, J C Gregory, and others. There was a large attendance.

Opening the proceedings, Mr Knight said he was sure they had had a successful year. They had done much work, answered many calls, and carried out their duties efficiently. When they were urgently needed to take accident or sudden illness cases to hospital it was a great assistance to have the motor vehicle. Rushden was not well served by the railway to Northampton. Perhaps the service would improve later on. He hoped they would have as successful a year during 1923 as they had had in 1922. He congratulated them on the appointment of Capt. J Marshall Bailey, M.C., as new superintendent in the place of Mr T Swindall, resigned after so many years. Capt. Bailey was starting at the right age, and, while Supt. Swindall had done 26 years’ service, perhaps their new chief would do 56 years’ work. (Laughter) Mr Knight hoped the members would rally round Supt. Bailey as they had Mr Swindall, and so give him every assistance. He would prove an excellent officer. (Applause)

Sergt. Gray, presenting his annual report, said that at the end of the year there were 25 privates, three corporals, two sergeant, and one hon. Surgeon in the division. Twenty-nine drills were held during the year. Transport work to the county hospitals had been very expediently carried out on the motor ambulance, and two members had been delegated each week to attend the football matches, where their services had been appreciated. The division had not been able to hold a first-aid class, but in its place they had had special lectures, of which he gave details, by doctors of the town. Official notification of Mr Swindall’s resignation had been received, and the recommendation of Capt. Bailey as successor had been sent to headquarters. They had received official notification of the appointment of Dr Davies as hon. surgeon. To the subscribers for their generosity and the doctor for his great help their thanks were due.

Miss Cave, on behalf of the Nursing Sisters, reported that 42 meetings had been held, these including lectures by Dr Greenfield, inspections, parades, and examinations. In the autumn examinations eleven passed for the first-aid and one for the medallion. The Sisters had attended to about 100 minor casualties in the homes and factories. Miss Cave expressed gratitude to the divisional surgeon, Dr Greenfield. They were pleased to report a net gain of ten members.

Mr Knight said that both reports were very satisfactory.

Pte. Timpson read the

Balance Sheet,

which showed the income to include: Balance at the beginning of year, £34 4s. 9½d.; subscriptions, £4 0s. 11d.; collection on the Town football ground, £13 3s. 3d.; factories, £16 12s. 8d.; annual collections, £34 18s. 6d.; other donations, £16 12s 6d.; with other items, a total of £133 12s. 3½d. On the expenditure side were the items: Stores, £17 2s. 6d.; repairs to headquarters, £26 4s.; and caretaker, £38 6s. 5d.; besides other sums, leaving a balance of £20 0s. 6½d.

All the reports were passed as very satisfactory.

Mr Jones reported that the books had been kept most satisfactorily.

Election of officers followed. The position of president being a one-year office, with a view to getting as many local people as possible interested in the movement, Mr Knight asked for nominations for a successor to himself.

Pte. Burgess said that now the division had lost Mr Swindall as superintendent it was their unanimous wish, and they could not do better, to have him as president. (Hear, hear)

Pte. Partridge seconded, the chairman supported, and the motion was carried with acclamation unanimously.

Mr Swindall expressed his gratitude, and promised all the assistance he could render. (Fuller report next week.)

The Rushden Echo & Argus, 9th May 1930, transcribed by Gill Hollis.

Motor Ambulance at Rushden - Double Number of Journeys

  The quarterly meeting of the Rushden and District Motor Ambulance Association was held on Friday in the ambulance Headquarters. Mr. G. W. Coles, J.P., presided, supported by Messrs. W. B. Sanders, F. Corby, T. Swindall and R. Marriott, with the hon. secretary, Mr. C. Allen. The report showed a big increase in the work of the association. On the question of installing a telephone, it was decided that the cost would be greater than the association could afford at present.

  It was stated that the motor ambulance had made 52 journeys, compared with 25 over the corresponding period of last year, and the mileage was about 1,750, against 798.

  Journeys had been made as follows: From Rushden to Northampton 27, to Irchester, London and Raunds one each and five to Wellingborough;  Higham Ferrers to Northampton seven, to Raunds one, two journeys each Raunds to Northampton, Ringstead to Northampton and Irchester to Northampton and Podington to London, one journey Keystone to Bedford.

  The cash account showed receipts from donations, subscriptions and fees £54  6s.  Bank deposits amounted to £32  5s. and an account for £37  16s.  4d. was due for payment.  A letter from the Rushden Trades Hospital Committee regarding a suggested revision of transport charges was referred to a sub-committee.

Rushden Echo, 29th August 1930, transcribed by Kay Collins

Busy Ambulance—Seven cases have been dealt with by the Rushden Motor Ambulance within two days. On Tuesday two cases were taken into the Northampton Hospital, and one patient was brought home. On Wednesday morning two cases were removed there simultaneously, and later a third. After this the ambulance was required to remove a case to a London hospital.

Rushden Echo and Argus, Friday April 27th 1934, transcribed by Susan Manton.

Mr. Tom Swindall

The quarterly meeting of the Rushden and District Motor Ambulance Association at the Ambulance Headquarters on Friday opened with a striking tribute to the late Mr. Tom Swindall, one of the founders and keenest workers.

Mr. G. W. Coles J.P., who presided, referred to the work Mr. Swindall had put in for the Association since its inception in 1919, from which time he acted as hon. Secretary for a period of nine years. Mr. Swindall, he added, was one of his ideal men; he had left behind a record of good work and good influences and it could safely be said that the world was a better place for his having been in it.

The whole company stood as a token of respect, and it was resolved to record on the minutes an appreciation of Mr. Swindall’s services and to send a message of sympathy to the widow and family.

Rushden Echo and Argus, 3rd February 1950, transcribed by Kay Collins

Nearly Doubled Mileage - Rushden Ambulance Association Meet

During last year, 1,181 journeys were made by Rushden motor ambulances, with a total mileage of 28,645—being nearly double that of 1948—it was reported at the annual meeting of the Motor Ambulance Association on Friday.

The president, Mr C S Wooding, said that he could remember just after the first world war that it was decided that there must be a quick way of transport for people going to hospital, and the Association was formed. They should be proud of the work they had been doing, and they would try to make it even more efficient. They were pleased to think they could serve so many so quickly.

When Mr H E Hobbs, the auditor, reported on the balance sheet, he said that as the Association had money in hand he recommended that the salaries of certain officials should be raised.

Mr C S Wooding was re-elected president, Mr C Allen, secretary, and Messrs G W Timson and H E Hobbs auditors.

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 5th December, 1952, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Three Ambulances - Six Drivers
Rushden’s modern transport service

With the acquisition of a new £1,600 vehicle, the Rushden and District Motor Ambulance Association feels that it now offers a service to the public comparable with any town – and better than many – of the same size.

There are at present two permanent and one voluntary drivers, and three St. John Ambulance men will shortly take over relief week-end duty. Thus, as the secretary (Mr. H. C. Allen) points out, there are six drivers on call, all living within a “stone’s throw” of the depot and on the telephone.

The latest ambulance – a Morris Commercial 28 h.p. six-cylinder engine model – is in a colour scheme of pale green and cream.

Salient features are heaters in the driver’s compartment and main cabin; rear floodlight and reversing light, together with the more usual amenities of demister, fog lamp, etc.

The “body” of the ambulance seats six people comfortably in addition to the stretcher case. This seating can also be expanded into a second “platform” with a stretcher already in store beneath. There is ample lighting; easier loading gear and platform, Dunlopillo mattress and pillows, and a “side entrance” obviating discomfort to the patient by way of draughts and cold.


All three ambulances will be on show throughout Saturday morning at the junction of St. Mary’s Avenue and Wellingborough Road. The association’s aim is to maintain a fleet of new vehicles, and there is every likelihood that another may be acquired in the near future. Delivery of the one that arrived this week took only four months.

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