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W. W. Chamberlain
Currier, Leather Dressers, Heel and Stiffener Makers

This business was started in 1914 at 65 Sartoris Road, in premises formerly used by John Mayo, cabinet maker.

William Watkin Chamberlain lived at Hillcroft, and in 1914 he moved to Higham Ferrers, where he built a large factory in Wood Street. They also had a factory in John Street. Manufacturing continued at the Sartoris Road factory right through to 1973 but the main manufacturing was at Higham Ferrers.

In 1974 Ashford and Campion took over the factory.

Chamberlain, Don married 1921

Junction Irchester, W'boro & Washbrook Roads 1926
Blue: Austin Factory Green: Church Army Hall
Red: Eaton Factory Turquoise: Chamberlain Works
Pink: Skerritt Factory Yellow: T Robinson factory
tape measure
A small Tape Measure given to customers but date unknown

1917 advert
1917 Advert from Shoe & Leather News

Boot & Shoe Trades Journal, 26th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

W. W. Chamberlain—This firm have made great headway since it was established twelve months ago, and they have had to enlarge the premises owing to the demand which has been made on their goods. In these days of dear leather it behoves manufacturers to look round for substitutes and find materials which will give the same service, and which can be obtained at a reasonable prices. Many will be glad to know they may obtain leather board stiffeners, well cut and moulded at a very low figure, and which are giving every satisfaction wherever they have been tried. Some of the largest manufacturers we could name have taken to these stiffeners, and are finding them all that can be desired. The great thing is to have good material in the first instance; and it is here Mr. W. W. Chamberlain comes in with Messrs. Paulson and Paulson's leather boards, which have stood the test of years and have come out triumphant. From an analysis we have seen there is 96 to 97 per cent guaranteed leather in these goods, and they make exceptionally fine stiffeners. Thousands of these stiffeners have been produced during the past twelve months by Mr. Chamberlain without complaint of any kind, and they are being used by the best houses at home and abroad. Mr. Chamberlain also holds a good stock of lining calf basils, box calf, box sides, and other light leathers. He thoroughly understands the business and is able to supply all that is required in this direction. The progress of the firm has been very gratifying, and the demand for their productions has been most satisfactory.

Rushden Echo, June 30th 1967, transcribed by Sandy Iliffe

Higham Firm's record profits
THE Higham Ferrers-based firm of W W Chamberlain (Associated Companies) Ltd., manufacturers of shoe components, leather board and plastic laminates, have for the fourth successive year made a record group profit of £259,617.

In his report to the annual meeting the chairman and joint managing director, Mr. W. R. F. Chamberlain says that this result was achieved in spite of serious economic action by the Government.

"Against this background I consider the year's results satisfactory." he reports.

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