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Index of Accident Reports

See also Shoe Factory Accidents

See Obituaries for reports of Fatal Accidents
Names Index A - J
Abbott, Mr G H Y (Harry) burns
Abbott, Mr J trap accident
Ablett, Archibald cricket
Ablett, Mrs W fall
Ackroyd's daughter fall from milk float
Agutta, Mrs cycle
Allen, Master Fred near drowned
Allen, Wm hay loading
Annis, George bull ran amok
Attley, Jack cycle accident
Austin, Misses Dorothy and Evelyn fan light fell on them
Ayres, Willie lost, and found
Baker, G gun
Baker, G E gun
Baker, H cycle
Barker, Mr W J gas explosion
Barnes, John (Irchester) horse & cart
Barnet, Mr gas explosion
Barry, Josiah attempted suicide
Barwick, Mrs motor cycle
Bass, Mr fall
Bass, Mr J motor cycle
Batchelar, Mrs knocked down
Bayes, F cycle
Bennett, Mr knocked down
Bettles, Fred river bathing
Billingham and Cook runaway horse
Birch, Benjamin fall from scaffold
Blenco, Claude bathing accident
Boddington, Priscilla fall
Bollard, Ethel cut head
Bond, newsboy knocked down
Boyce, Harry broken bone
Boyd, Mr D P trap accident
Booth, Mr explosion
Bouquet, Frank crushed foot
Bradshaw, K & Clarke R car accident
Brawn, Mr Horace fall on ice
Brawn, Mr Horace struck by car
Brightwell, Mrs R fall
Brittens, Mr Arthur trap accident
Britten, Mr & Mrs (Chel) trap accident
Britten, Mrs slipped
Brooksby, Mr G broken ladder
Brown, child trap ran over her
Brown, Mr shop window smashed
Brown, Mrs thrown from trap
Browen, Mr George gun accident
Burfield, Messrs trap axle breaks
Burfield, Edgar motorcycle & bus
Button (son of G Button) fall
Cadd - charbanc driver drunk
Campion, Mr A fall
Carter, Mr H two falls
Carter, Mr H cycle accident
Carvell, Harry fall
Catling, Mr E C motor cycle
Cave, Miss car, bus & m/cycle
Chamberlain, C car hits horses
Chapman, H W - van runaway horse
Chettle, Mr gas explosion
Chettle, Mr, jun accident
Chettle, Herbert hand injured
Childs, boy kicked by horse
Clayton, girl fall
Collins, L F P horse & trap
Claridge, Phillip cycling
Clark, John - his horse
Clarke, Emily dislocated knee
Clarke, Frank cycle accident
Clayton, Miss cycle
Clayton, Mr Fred cycle
Clipson, J S J L motor and dog
Clipson, J S & Miss W two accidents
Coleman/Surridge/Woods trap accident
Coleman, Arthur gas explosion
Colson, Eric van overturns
Cook, Mr W F hand crushed
Cooke, William taxi
Co-op Milk Cart milk cart
Cooper, H m/cycle & cart
Cooper, H ladder slipped
Cotton, Percy haycart
Course, Mr motor car accident
Cowley cycle accident
Cox, Arthur rescue at Ditchford
Cox, Ebenezer horse & trap
Cox, child knocked over
Cox, Mrs broken thigh
Darnell, Gladys Kate knocked down by car
Darnell, William burns
Davis, child broken thigh
Deacon, Mr H broken leg
Denton, Harry broken arm
Denton, Mrs found in river
Dickens, boy thrown from horse
Dickens, lad knocked down
Dilley, James L knocked down
Dilley, Reginald lucky escape
Dixon, Thomas Sabey motorcycle
Domestic servant gas explosion
Dunkley, Miss gun accident
Eagle, Joseph broken collar-bone
Ekins, J explosion
Ellis, P.C. Arthur knocked down
Elliott, Miss broken ankle
Evans, Mr thrown from horse
Everard, Mr trap
Eyte, Mrs trap
Farey, George fall
Fathers, Mr W A motor cycles
Fenton, Mr motor cycles
Field, Master Arthur cycle accident
Frisby, Master Jim broken arm
Fox, Wm hand cut - saw
Frankham, Harry fall from cycle
Freeman, Ernest broken leg
Freeman, Mr S E lorry
Freeman, Mrs fall
Frilby, George cycle accident
Frost, family gassed
George, Josiah motor cycle
Gilbert broken leg
Glennister, Jesse fall
Goodfellow, Wm fall
Green, Arthur fall
Groome, little girl knocked down
Groome, Mr Andrew horse & trap
Gross, Mr horse and gig
Hanger cycle accident
Hardwick, Mr Charles fall
Hardwick, Mrs J G fall
Harris, Mr two horses and carts
Harris, Mrs cycle accident
Hart, boy fall
Hawkes, Mr car & brougham
Hawkins, Bobby fall
Hewett, Albert fall from donkey
Heygate, Mr F L  collision
Heygate, Mr R collision
Hillson, George hit by falling timber
Hodgkin, Mrs (Yelden) hit by boards
Holman fall
Hooper, Mr & Mrs R trap
Horton, Mr cycle
Howes, Mr H motor cycle accident
Hubbard, lad cycle
Jaques, Charles fall
Jaques, Thomas fall of earth
Jelley, Mr (senior) thrown from trap
Jervis, Mr shop damaged
Jones, Constable fall from cycle
Joyce, Mr milk-cart overturns
Judd, Cyril sprained arm
Keller's shop hit by bus
Kent, Fred attempted suicide
King fall from scaffold
King, Joseph fall
Kirby, Harry fall
Knight, Albert ladder
Knight, Fred motor & trap
Knight & Pittam motor & cycle
Knight, R F ankle injury
Names Index L - Y
Lack, Wilfrid trapped in cart wheel
Langford, child fall into fire
Lawman, Miss Ivy fall
Lawson, Ernest wrist cut
Lawrence, W W chimney pot
Layram, Sarah Jane knocked down
Layton, Mr T fall with horse at HF
Leach, Herbert dislocated elbow
Lewis, Mr F horse fell with cart
Litchfield, Fred climbing
Lovel, J cycle
Lovel, Mr horse & trap
Lucas. blacksmith horse killed
Maddams, Charles knocked down by car
Magee, Roland scalded
Mann, P.C. Reginald fatal road accident
Marsden, Dennis gun accident
Martin, George knocked over by cyclist
Marin, John accident
Matthews, Mr cycle
Maycock, Mr motor accident
Mayo, Fred fall
Millbourne, boy fall
Minney, John attempted suicide
Minney, Lily hand cut
Minney, Mrs & Miss burns
Minney, Miss cycle
Mole, Reg cycle
Mole, T tree felling
Moon, Walter cycle & bus
Mobbs, Miss Annie box factory
Moore, Mr and a boy broken legs
Moulton, Joseph rescues young lady
Munns, Mrs fall downstairs
Munns, Mr fall from ladder
Myers, Mr T fall
Nichols, Mr thrown from trap
Nix, Mr J F hit by trap
Nunley, J sprained ankle
Oliver, Charles fall at work
Owen, Mrs C horse bolted
Packwood, boy broken arm
Packwood, Henry fall at work
Page, J M explosion
Paragreen, J his horse died
Payne, Fred crushed toe at factory
Payne, Fred boot factory
Payne, lad leg
Payne, Mr shoe factory
Pearson, Ernest broke both wrist
Pendered, Lilian broken arm
Percival, Mr Harry gun accident
Perkins, George pony & trap
Perkins, G W shunting - crushed arm
Petttit, Hannah fatal - hit by cyclist
Phenix, Inspector horse & trap
Pinney, Mr S cut thumb
Pratt cut head
Pruden wrong train
Radon, Mr Edward fatal - motor cycle
Rattley, Mr his runaway horse
Reeves, Mrs knocked down
Richardson, Isabel knocked down
Richardson, W broken collar bone
Richardson, Walter bruised legs
Roads, Mr axe wound to leg
Robinson, Frank bus accident
Roch, Mr G T (N'pton) car & cart accident
Rockingham, Ellen lost, and found
Rogers, Miss delivering milk
Rowthorne, Molly knocked over
Sabey, boy broken collar bone
Sanders, Mr E fall from horse
Sargent, Wm injured
Scholes, child fatal burns
Scouts - by G. Sharp rescue
Scroxton, Harry horse and trap
Sears cut to forehead
Sears, Fred fall
Seckington, J fall
Sharpe, Mr W cut leg
Sheffield fall from scaffold
Shorley, Mr horse & trap
Short, Mrs arm run over
Shrives, Stanley fall
Skeeles, Mr motor cycle
Skellum, lad missing
Skevington's house gun
Skinner, Herbert fall from horse
Smith & Walker traps collide
Smith, Frank scalp wound
Smith, Miss Louisa fall
Smith, Phyllis fall - fractured skull
Smith, Walpole two horses & carts
Smith, W W & children trap accident
Spriggs, Wm cycling - hit cow
Stevenson, Mr G H cut fingers
Stock, Mrs. Ethel Mabel   ankles sprained
Stringer, Mr Max concussion
Sykes, Mr J T thrown from cart
Tapp, George cricket
Tarry, F A C motor accident
Taylor, Mr cycling
Taylor, lad fall
Templeman, Mrs hurt when cart broke
Tew, Harry climbing
Thompson, Mrs knocked over
Tomlin, Mr J cut fingers
Tunn, Mr J fall
Turner, G R fall
Tusting, Mr trap accident
Tusting, Mr Robert bicycle accident
Twelvetree, Charles fall
Tyler, T W motorcycle accident
Tyler, W G horse & cart at HF
Underwood, Joan knocked down by van
Underwood, Mrs factory accident
Underwood, William cycle
Volunteer Training Corps trap accident
Wade, T arm injured at work
Wadsworth, Mrs two traps
Walden/Tompkins /Joyce cartridge explosion
Walker, Mr thrown from vehicle
Walker & Smith traps collide
Walker, Ralph crushed thumb
Waller, Mr S lorry
Ward, Mr F motor cycle
Warde, William naptha lamp explosion
Warren, Mr fall from cart
Warren, Mr Arthur runaway horse
Warren, Mr F brakes failed
Webb, Mrs fall from window
Webb, T fall
Wesson, Mr E and G car accident
West, Mr car accident
Westley, baby fall
Whitney, William kicked by horse
Willmott, Arthur cycle & bus
Wooding, Charles fall
Whitbread, Philip fall from cart
White, Elizabeth suicide attempt
Whitehead, Mr cycle
Whiteman, John fall from ladder
Whitmee, James fall
Whitworth, Frank motor
Whittemore, F farm accident
Wiggins, May & Harold knocked down
Williams, George head wound
Willis, George thrown from trap
Wilmott, Thomas 'swooned'
Wilson, Master Harold fracture
Windmill Club Team charabanc
Wooding, Mr J cycle
Woodward, Mr sprained ankle
Wright, Mr cart hits wall
York, lad loading corn
Accidents with animals and vehicles (no people named)
by Year
horse and cart of Mr Skinner's fall
horse at Mr. Lawton's fall
a young gentleman  cycle
cart cart & van
hawker of tinware fight
bather saved by Joseph Byrne near drowning
an employee fall
a labourer slipped off scaffolding
a party from Rushden cart
cart and pram near miss
horse and cart of meat horse bolted
railway accident scoop fell
cyclists collision with horse
cob and four-wheel truck runaway horse
horse and van runaway horse
temporary theatre part of roof lifted by gale
thrown from trap horse stumbled
valuable horse killed collision
runaway horse crashed into shop
lad on man's shoulders breaks window
horse and cart horse bolted
a lad and a man motor cycle & side car
bus and horse and trolley collision
H W Chapman's lorry collision
coal trolley, trap and car collision
horse and baker's cart runaway horse
soldier's pistol accident bullet through hand
bus brakes failed
horse and coal trolley runaway
dog, cyclist and motor cyclist collision
two accidents trolley and a bus
driver miller's wagon
damage to lamp horse & trap
three horses wagon
dog (Mr Waller's, of Moor Road) caught in drain pipe
horse overturned trap
sheep Cowley's window broken
railings damaged motor lorry
bus passengers hit bridge
lorry breaks down fence in High Street

Short Reports of Accidents

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